Bring In Exercisers

Bring more users to your park with the HealthBeat® outdoor fitness system. Reinvented with a contemporary design and patent-pending resistance technology, HealthBeat brings gym-quality equipment to the fresh outdoors. The ability to pair stations together saves time and cost, making HealthBeat a perfect fit for outdoor exercise in your community.

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Hospitals and physical therapists have found TriActive America products unique to the practice of rehabilitation. TriActive's wheelchair-accessible exercise equipment was co-developed with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The equipment is a fraction of the cost of typical indoor equipment, and the recovery benefits are greater. It's been demonstrated that outdoor "Green Therapy" lightens mood, improves self-esteem, and makes wheelchair-bound users feel less depressed and much more motivated in their recovery.

TriActive America: 800-587-4228

Raising the Bar

Experience a new level of fitness and comfort with Superior's line of dedicated outdoor fitness equipment. Designed for all fitness levels, Superior's physical fitness equipment is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, from beaches and trails to playground areas and ballfields, or even a business park to support healthy habits for employees. Complete your outdoor fitness area with Superior's great instructional signs.

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Work It Out

Ergonomically designed for teens and adults ages 13 and over, ENERGI™ Prime has five stations with easy-to-understand signs for 120 exercises that provide up to 60 minutes of daily exercise, three times a week. Three levels of intensity allow users to work out at their comfort level and progress as their fitness improves. A five-week study showed a 34 percent increase in upper body, ab and leg strength and 2.9 beats-per-minute decrease in resting heart rate.

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Get Moving Outside

ActionFit by UltraSite encourages healthy, active outdoor exercise while addressing the critical four elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle strength, balance/flexibility, and core. ActionFit emulates equipment found in gyms, but is built to last outdoors.

ActionFit by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Serious About Fitness

Furnish a welcoming atmosphere for community fitness with a Boot Camp Fitness Kit. Featuring an assortment of 12 various aerobic, muscle strengthening, balance, flexibility and core fitness equipment, the preconfigured Boot Camp Fitness Kit allows users to customize workouts, engage in interval training or begin an exercise regimen. Great for all fitness levels for ages 13 and up, each piece of equipment uses either body weight resistance or spring resistance technology.

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A Fit Transformation

Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness presents outdoor fitness equipment to transform outdoor spaces into a fitness center with durable, high-performance outdoor fitness machines. Proven design uses a percentage of body weight as resistance so there are no hydraulics or resistance bands, yielding virtually maintenance-free operation. Mix-and-match from 35 available machines, designed to provide a total body workout. Each model is devoted to either upper and lower body workout, cardiovascular activity, or strength and flexibility training.

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The Full Range

Whether the experience is fast-paced with maximum effort or simply stretching under the sun, Outdoor Training System offers a comprehensive exercise system focused on improving strength, building muscle, increasing cardiovascular fitness and burning fat. Place it along a fitness trail, workout zone, high school or college field. Five exercise stations can be used as stand-alone events or configured together, creating the perfect outdoor training environment for either small groups or individual workouts.

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