Acoustic Champions

Eckel Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) effectively and economically improve acoustics in gymnasiums. Designed to control noise and reverberation, Eckel EFPs increase enjoyment at sporting events and facilitate gym use for other functions. The patented, high-performance, fire-resistant panels can be spot located on walls and ceilings, and can be customized to complement any architectural layout and design. Available in aluminum and galvanized or stainless steel. Eckel EFPs are durable, easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Eckel Noise Control Technologies: 617-491-3221

Easy Storage

North America's leading supplier of gym floor covers introduces its Master Series Premium COVERMATE™, a new storage rack that incorporates many of the best features of the top-of-the-line model. Attractively priced and with a higher load capacity than competing models, it will appeal to the budget-conscious facility manager. With a white powder-coated frame, it's complete with a brake system, safety outriggers, safety roller collars and two hand cranks.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

In Control

The 7-inch diagonal, high-resolution wide aspect ratio color touch screen with LED backlighting creates an easy-to-read control panel in any lighting. Software displays highly intuitive images for foolproof operation. Gym Command System 7 features powerful 1 MB ladder logic memory, built-in USB and flash drive ports, Ethernet and expandable I/O. Factory programmed according to customer specifications, but can be reprogrammed. UL rated controller operates on 115 volt AC power and is wall mounted in a metal enclosure.

IPI by Bison: 800-637-7968

Be Safe

If you need safety padding, Bison's got you covered. Bison will design and construct padding to protect players form virtually any surface. With a wide variety of foams, fabrics, backings and mounting methods, you'll receive the padding system that best satisfies your program's needs. Let Bison's graphic design staff work with you to ensure your padding system not only offers superior safety, but also exhibits your program pride with full-color, durable graphic designs.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Centralized Management

Operate all gymnasium equipment from a single point—your iPad! Draper's Smart Gym is a custom-programmed, password-protected control processor that safely operates on a closed Wi-Fi network. The system centralizes control of all Draper motorized gymnasium equipment, including folding backstops, height adjusters, mat lifters and divider curtains. It also interfaces with lights, scoreboards, bleachers and other equipment.

Draper Inc.: 800-238-7999

Get Some Protection

As a leader in Gym Floor Cover fabrication for more than 40 years, the name Putterman Athletics has become synonymous with durability and quality. Adding a FloorGard Gym Floor Cover will protect your flooring, reduce maintenance costs and turn your gymnasium into a multi-use facility. Putterman offers a full line of Gym Floor Covers and gymnasium products to fit any facility and budget.

Putterman Athletics: 800-621-0146

Injury Prevention

Protecting athletes from injury is a top priority. Full Circle wall padding meets the current AS™ standard (F2440-11, Standard Specification for Indoor Wall Padding) and is manufactured using only the highest quality components, Available in both standard and Class A fire-rated. Protective padding for other hazards such as I-beams, posts, stages or other exposed areas is also available to increase safety. On-site evaluations and installations are available in the Northeast and pads can be shipped nationwide.

Full Circle Padding: 800-875-7780