Towel Time

Royal Blue Textiles is a family-owned and -operated direct importer and domestic manufacturer of all types of institutional linen items, including Gym and Athletic towels. The company was founded in 1980 and has been family-owned for more than 34 years. With five warehouses nationwide, a domestic manufacturing facility and a knowledgeable customer service team, Royal Blue's success thrives on providing the very best for its customers.

Royal Blue Textiles: 800-693-5426

Long-Term Locking Solution

The new Combi-Cam E RFID locks offer compact, ergonomic design, an amazing eight-year battery life and flexible programming options. Any 125 MHZ card, fob or bracelet can be used with up to 12 users, including a master override, service access and user codes. Modes include One-Time-Use (Locker) or static modes. Other flexible options include one card per lock, one card per multiple locks, etc.

FJM Security Products: 800-654-1786

Get Cleaned Up

Outdoor Shower Co. manufactures and distributes stainless steel showers. These stainless steel showers give years of satisfaction whether used indoors or outdoors. With more than 200 models to choose from, these showers are designed to endure any harsh environment and feature a 10-year warranty.

Outdoor Shower Co. LLC: 866-746-9371

No Bucket Needed

The Contec® Floor Mop is a one-step alternative to traditional mops and buckets. The bucketless mop features a 32-ounce refillable bottle that is easily removed for rinsing. The thermoplastic and aluminum design is lightweight and promotes ease of use. Take the guesswork out of measuring chemicals and ensure proper dilution when used with Athletix concentrate packets, sold separately. Use with disposable Premira® II Disposable Microfiber Pads, which eliminate the spreading of germs from launderables.

Athletix Products: 864-503-8333

One-Stop Shop

Maintaining your locker room can take quite a bit of planning. That's where Zogics comes in—as your one-stop shop, Zogics supplies all your locker room needs. Save on towels, hand dryers, paper product, bath and body care, surface wipes, lockers and benches and more from brands like XCELERATOR, Kimberly Clark, GOJO, Salsbury and 1888 Mills.

Zogics: 888-623-0088

High-Speed Dry

The high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer dries hands fast and provides a 95 percent savings vs. paper towels, while eliminating their labor, maintenance and waste. The XLERATOR reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by up to 75 percent when compared to traditional hand dryers and 100 percent recycled paper towels. Offering more customization options than any other hand dryer available, the XLERATOR is the number-one brand sold worldwide.

Excel Dryer: 800-255-9235