All in One

The HydraHub1 combines various water events on a raised platform. Interactivity is encouraged with a pull-string roof diverter, periscope and onboard water cannons. The central pivot sprayer allows kids to direct their own experiences by taking aim at any of the three roof activities. Even more, two whooshing slides provide easy access to the water. Kids and their families will revel in dynamic and unexpected surprises while cooling off with this striking aqua play structure.

Aquatix by Landscape Structures: 888-438-6574

Fun & Function

Water Odyssey's ColorCast™ design line introduces fun new ways to spray and play. Designed for all ages, ColorCast features offer an interactive and educational experience through color mixing, textures and multiple spray effects.

Water Odyssey, A PlayCore Company: 512-392-1155

Easy Facelift

Premium low film build epoxy coating is formulated to provide ease of application and excellent coverage rates. For previously painted epoxy, unpainted concrete, plaster, fiberglass, gelcoat pools, slides and spas. Excellent choice for waterpark and recreation facilities. High gloss, tile-like finish provides ease of cleaning. Its exceptional chemical cure makes it the paint of choice for indoor pools as well. Self-priming.

Ramuc: 800-745-6756

Hang Ten!

FlowRider® USA can help increase the revenue-generating opportunities of your existing town pool or recreational facility. A proven hit among families and teens, this smartly designed, skill-based ride attracts all age groups and fits into a compact footprint for easy add-on. Generate revenue from participants and spectators alike through season passes, lessons, events, party rentals and more.

Aquatic Development Group: 518-783-0037

Safe Landings

SlidePad™ is comprised of a high-density foam base encapsulated in PolySoft® pebbles to create a watertight, slip-resistant surface. SlidePad™ easily adheres to any surface, requiring no metal fasteners, making every landing a safer landing for your visitors. SlidePad™ carries a three-year warranty and will not fade, deteriorate, crack or shift after being bonded to the surface. SlidePad™ is available in standard or custom sizes and an unlimited number of designs and color combinations.

SlideRenu: 440-930-2490

Splashed Ice

Custom Ice has developed a line of ice rink and splash pad combination products. In the winter, the concrete floor operates as a refrigerated ice rink that maintains ice up to 50 degrees, providing a reliable skating surface. In the warmer months, the same floor converts into a splash pad, complete with above and in-ground fixtures. These facilities are able to operate on the same pad by using the Custom Ice patented dual use drain.

Custom Ice Inc.: 866-887-8840

Circus of Fun

Empex Watertoys now presents its Aquacircus line in several different sizes. Incorporating Climb 'n' Slide Aquadeks, interactive Aquatons, zany effects from child-controlled Aquanetics, jets and sprays, Empex endeavors to create a circus of color excitement in a dynamic water attraction for hotels and resorts, municipal parks and recreation facilities, waterparks and theme parks. Created from nonferrous materials, Empex offers a lifetime corrosion warranty, low electrical conductivity in lightning and low heat conductivity.

Empex Watertoys: 866-833-8580

Safer Sliding

RenoSys SoftSide™ safety pads provide a soft, padded surface to help avoid injury. Custom bumpers are available to protect the heads of patrons as they enter a closed-flume slide as well as pads for behind ladders where falls often occur. SoftSide™ pads provide a slip-resistant covered foam padding made of a thick foam pad bonded to a textured PVC material. SoftSide™ passes all CPSC-AS™ 1292 tests for impact attenuation for drop heights of 10 feet.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005