Learn & Grow

Smart Play®: Nook 6-23 and Smart Play: Loft 2-5 take kids from early crawling exploration on up to active climbing and social play. Together, they span a critical period of childhood development, making them ideal for childcare facilities, schools and neighborhood playgrounds. Even more, the Nook and Loft activities and messaging were created with guidance from the National Head Start Association and Too Small to Fail to prompt adult-child conversations and support whole-child development.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574

Take Thrill to New Heights

Extreme Generation is a towering adventure playground with challenging physical events for children seeking extreme play. Its design takes play to new heights, with innovative, fully enclosed skyways that provide elaborate rope-course-inspired activities far above ground—adding an element of perceived risk to any play space. With skyscraping pinnacles reaching nearly 30 feet into the sky, Extreme Generation provides the play experience today's kids want to challenge their sense of adventure.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Co.: 888-458-2752

Infinite Possibilities

Experience infinite possibilities with Playworld's revolutionary new play structure: infiNET™. This hybrid "netform" solution (part post-and-platform, part net) reinvigorates traditional playgrounds with its infinite possibilities for play and play space design. Curving, terraced net rings create a dynamic climbing challenge and allow children to approach play from every angle—above, below and all around. Open sightlines and inclusive features encourage kids of all abilities to conquer new territories together.

Playworld: 800-233-8404

Add Some Whimsy

The fun Woodville design encompasses wooden shacks resting on posts, which are characterized by construction that appears to be crooked and random. The design evokes a feeling of an adventure playground and custom construction. Custom is Berliner's standard, and they encourage creativity. Visit the website and let Berliner personalize and tailor-make a high-quality design for your location that will last generations.

Berliner: 877-837-3676

Down on the Farm

Children are going to party 'til the cows come home with this new recycled barn-themed playground. From an oink to a moo and a cock-a-doodle-doo, children will love exploring their imaginations while they play. The recycled material is protected from corrosion, rotting, splitting, cracking and splinters while it's also resistant to salt spray, marine borers, termites, oil and fungus. Plus, it looks and feels like wood without the unwanted maintenance.

Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Music Makers

Play & Park Structures' Harmony Music Collection offers a full suite of outdoor musical instruments that introduce soothing, resonating sounds to the playground. Tuned to a pentatonic scale, the Presto provides a positive introduction to music for all users, and best of all, it is strategically angled at 35 degrees—an optimal position for people using mobility devices.

Play & Park Structures: 800-727-1907

Strong Swings

Introducing the new A1400 Kevlar swing. It has a Kevlar instead of steel insert. Kevlar is the material being used in body armor. It is cut-resistant and stronger and lighter than steel. For high-use, high-vandalism areas, this is the swing for you. It will save you costs overall in labor and replacement swings. Five-year unconditional guarantee. Made in the USA.

American Swing Products: 800-433-2573


The NU-edge® play system by Little Tikes Commercial is a bold fusion showcasing the beauty and fun in both nature and urban play. With nature-inspired climbers and towering rooftops that mimic skyscrapers, NU-edge allows kids to jump into a world of discovery, imagination and adventure.

Little Tikes Commercial: 800-325-8828