Boost Safety

Regupol® Abzorb™ prefabricated synthetic turf shock padding is the perfect complement to a well-constructed artificial turf product. Abzorb is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures consistent density, thickness, feel and resilience, providing uniform shock absorption and elasticity, which enhances athlete safety. Abzorb is made of up to 100 percent post-consumer tire rubber to the strictest environmental standards. It is Green Circle certified and can aid in qualifying facilities for LEED credits.

Regupol: 800-537-8737

Raise the Bar

The Mondoturf FTS3 Turf System is an innovative and revolutionary system that sets the standard for football, lacrosse and rugby systems worldwide. The FTS3 system is comprised of three elements: Ecofill Infill, 4Nx Monofilament Fiber, and FTS pad. Each element provides exceptional biomechanical conditions on the field for playing and practicing. The patented alternative infill, Ecofill, has a proven history and unsurpassed performance resume as a safe alternative to crumb rubber infill.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448

Focus on the Game

Give your community or team a court that lets kids run free and athletes play hard. Sport Court's multi-sport outdoor courts are ideal for new installations or covering an old asphalt or concrete court. The easy maintenance, safety features and customizable designs surpass the expectations of coaches, athletes, builders, architects and facility owners. Sport Court takes care of the details so you can focus on the game.

Sport Court: 800-421-8112

Courts & Tracks

Abacus Sports Installations is one of the premier contractors for Laykold Tennis Courts and Regupol America Tracks. These durable, long-lasting systems provide performance and aesthetics for your outdoor sports facility. Offering resilience and comfort, these outdoor tennis and track surfaces are manufactured with a rubber recycled base mat, which reduces stress to the body. Many colors are available that can be incorporated into your facility design.

Abacus Sports Installations LTD: 800-821-4557

All-Season Spray Adhesives

Tired of losing costly installation time waiting for good weather or warm enough temperatures? Switch to NORDOT® solvent-based adhesives and no more worries! Install synthetic turf athletic fields and other recreational surfaces year-round, from sub-freezing, windy, damp conditions to hot, dry temperatures and right up until it snows or rains. In this field hockey installation photo, NORDOT® Adhesive is airless sprayed on porous shock pad that will remain water-drainable and durable, even in harsh conditions.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Sturdy Turf

A-Turf® Titan fields come with a 12-year warranty and are in use, on average, 13-plus seasons. A-Turf fields have better footing and ball response. A-Turf® Titan with a ShockPad maintains the synthetic turf industry's best safety rating throughout their 12-year warranty period. It's also the most durable playing surface because of its superior system design, best-quality components and construction, and installation precision.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Standard of Excellence

Everything you need to maintain and improve your infields is supplied by Beam Clay®, makers of infield mixes, mound and batter's box clays, and red warning tracks for every state and climate from regional plants nationwide. Beam Clay® also supplies hundreds of ballfield products "from bases to windscreen" and has supplied every MLB team, most minor league and college teams, and thousands of towns and schools from all 50 states and worldwide.

Partac Peat Corporation: 800-247-BEAM (2326)