In Control

The Blu-Sentinel™ SE controller features an intuitive color touch-screen display and unique color-based status indicator in the flow cell that provides a visual indication of water quality. The Blu-Sentinel SE controller measures free chlorine, pH, ORP and temperature. In addition, it continually regulates the dosage of disinfectants and provides pH correction. It also displays integrated web views, allowing all measured parameters to be displayed on Internet-enabled devices via standard web browsers.

Neptune-Benson: 401-821-2200

Prevent Slips

Constructed of a thick reinforced PVC membrane, RecDeck™ can be used in any recreational area where slip resistance, watertight integrity and long-term ease of maintenance are required. RecDeck™ is the ideal solution for common deck problems, including cracking, flaking, delamination, spalling and peeling. RecDeck™ offers an aggressive slip-resistant texture and a superior anti-fungal formulation, making it ideal for pool decks, waterfront, marina surfaces, spraygrounds or locker rooms. Available in three colors.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Go Modular

Mateflex announced a new design of interlocking modular flooring—ProGym Plank. Each ProGym Plank module measures 4 inches wide and 36 inches long. That's still one square foot, but in a desirable plank look. Tiles are easily assembled by connecting the built-in male and female interlocking system. No special tools or adhesives are required. The planks can be randomly staggered to provide a professional-looking floor in a snap. ProGym Plank is available in a light Maple color with a heavy-duty wear layer and a light texture emboss for safe footing.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539

Custom Railings

Pentair Commercial Aquatics offers a complete line of Paragon® custom-fabricated, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel railings to meet any pool specifications. Custom railings can be used for any pool application, including entry, ADA-compliant, stairs, deck guards and diving towers. Available in both 1.9-inch OD and 1.5-inch OD as needed. Design and engineering support are readily available. Pentair Commercial Aquatics also stocks standard railings for immediate shipment.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics — Paragon: 800-831-7133

Ready, Set, Go!

New from S.R. Smith, the Velocity and Legacy Starting Block series are now available with a dual post as well as a single post frame. The Velocity series features a sleek, strong fiberglass footboard with a five-setting adjustable track start wedge that conveniently tucks beneath the block and opens up the entire footboard for step-up relay exchanges. The Legacy series features a strong reinforced acrylic footboard that is finished with slip-resistant sand tread that can be customized with color and logos.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387

Eco-Friendly Pet Parks

EcoDog™ provides a winning combination of eco-friendly recycled aluminum and HDPE. Unlike other agility products made from slippery plastic or wood, the walking surfaces feature a highly textured, VOC-free polyuria coating that provides traction in all weather conditions. The HDPE bases are durable and maintenance-free, and just like Dog-ON-It's classic line of agility products, all EcoDog™ products have a lifetime warranty against rust. The innovative designs offer the flexibility of being portable or they can be permanently mounted.

Dog-ON-It Parks: 877-348-3647

Lower Operating Costs

Significantly reduce aquatic facility operating costs by installing Pentair Commercial Aquatics' Acu Drive™ XS variable frequency drive to make pool pumps energy efficient. The Acu Drive™ XS drastically reduces energy consumption—save up to 60 percent or more on pump's electricity usage. Plus, it is 98 percent efficient—adjusting input voltage for best results. Specified to save energy with minimal payback, the unit includes built-in display showing time remaining until the drive pays for itself.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133