Outfit Your Pool

Recreonics Inc. Buyer's Guide and Operators Handbook contains the largest selection of commercial swimming pool equipment available. Complete with technical product data, this full-color, 208-page guide is an essential tool for aquatic directors, pool managers, swim coaches and anyone in the pool industry.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Filter Solutions

Stark® Series Filter Systems are now easier to install and maintain. Standard and custom styles allow for influent and effluent placement to meet any design requirements. Multiple configurations including side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked with self-supporting stackable structure that eliminates the need for independent framework. Units occupy as little as one-fourth the floor space of other filters.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Music Within Reach

Making music can be enjoyed at any age. Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments are perfect for individuals of all abilities ages 2 and up. Bring joy to the children and adults in your community by adding all 12 instruments to your playground, community center, childcare facility and more to encourage multigenerational play. Request a copy of the Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments brochure today at and get started on a musical playground design.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574

Beautiful Sites

Precast concrete and metal site furniture by Petersen Manufacturing Company beautifies any area with handsome trash receptacles, benches, tables, planters, bollards, ash urns and drinking fountains. The larger-size planters and bollards are ideal as barriers for security or simply as a deterrent to unwanted traffic.

Petersen Manufacturing Company: 800-832-7383

Control Crypto

Learn more about Vantage Poly-A Tablets. Poly-A aids in the coagulation and removal of organic and inorganic compounds that can cause cloudy water and works with pool filtration to remove up to 99 percent of Cryptosporidium. Poly-A Tablets are a concentrated blend of synergistic polymer clarifiers in convenient 4-ounce tablet form. Poly-A will provide a superior level of water clarity and bather comfort in commercial swimming pools, spas, water attractions and features.

AllChem Performance Products LP: 352-333-7381

Watch Your Balance

Manufactured by the makers of Accu-Tab®—a pioneer in the tablet erosion industry—the Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System is helping owners of aquatic facilities bring balance to both their water and their work life. Virtually maintenance-free, Acid-Rite is the smart alternative to alkalinity struggles associated with CO2 systems, bulky liquid acid drums and cumbersome sodium bisulfate bags.

Accu-Tab: 800-245-2974

Cost-Effective Renovation

RenoSys offers the most cost-effective method of renovating leaking, cracked and deteriorated commercial swimming pools and decks. RenoSys' 60 mil reinforced PVC membrane and PVC or stainless-steel gutters provide a watertight, low-maintenance solution to make pools look like new. Complete your renovation with one of six DuraTech™ grating options and RecDeck™ slip-resistant flooring.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Two Locations, Better Service

Now shipping from distribution warehouses in North Dakota and Connecticut, Recreation Supply Company features the products you need for your commercial swimming pool facility. Within its 152 full-color pages, you will find pool chemicals, testing supplies, paints, lifts, pumps, filters, pool vacuums, competition equipment and much more. Recreation Supply's fast, free shipping program makes shopping easy, nationwide.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072