Keep on Walking

Coverworx Recreational Architecture is your complete source for shelter, shade and trellis canopies, and now introducing Walking Bridges. No need to hop, skip or swim over trenches, creeks or rivers in your park any longer. Available in an array of sizes from 10 feet to 60 feet or more. These bridges are shipped completely knocked down, ready to assemble on sight. Polyester powder coated with a 10-year warranty.

Coverworx Recreational Architecture: 800-657-6118

We All Fall Down

For more than 60 years, Mitchell Rubber Products has been protecting children at play with the most comprehensive and reliable rubber safety surfacing product available. Mitchell Rubber Products continues to innovate and lead the safety surface market with EZ Fall Safety Surfacing. EZ Fall is a vulcanized rubber tile system offered in 2-by-2-foot and 4-by-4-foot tiles. The bottom of the EZ Fall rubber tiles is engineered with a proprietary waffle pattern modular absorption matrix that disperses energy upon impact.

Mitchell Rubber Products: 800-677-1485

Nicely Cut

Jacobsen's HR700™ is the first and only wide area rotary mower with 14-foot cutting width to increase productivity by up to 25 percent over traditional 11-foot mowers. With its ultra-durable SureStrength™ decks and superior maneuverability, the HR700 is the ideal mower to cut through even the thickest grass at sports fields, parks and green spaces. The HR700 is part of Jacobsen's HR Series of wide area rotary mowers.

Jacobsen: 888-922-TURF (8873)

Eco-Friendly Pet Parks

EcoDog™ provides a winning combination of eco-friendly recycled aluminum and HDPE—the best of both worlds. Unlike other agility products made from slippery plastic or wood, the walking surfaces feature a highly textured, VOC-free polyurea coating that provides traction in all weather conditions. The HDPE bases are durable and maintenance-free, and just like Dog-ON-It's classic line of agility products, all EcoDog™ products have a lifetime warranty against rust. The innovative designs offer the flexibility of being portable for seasonal parks and special events, or they can be mounted for more permanent installations.

Dog-ON-It Parks: 877-348-3647

Down by the Water

American Muscle Docks announced a new patent-pending aluminum gangway. The design of the gangway beams, end plates, mounting plate, handrail uprights and supports all work in concert to disperse the load on the gangway efficiently. The patent-pending beam profile design is optimized to effectively allocate the load throughout the gangway structure. The new beam profile design is radically different from other stock aluminum structures. The smarter engineering of the gangway elements allow the use of lighter material while obtaining a higher live-load capacity.

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication: 304-737-2711

Park It

The Park and Facilities Catalog announced that it will be offering the latest in bicycle and skateboard parking innovations by unveiling the campus-ready, high-density bike dock called the UpLift. This space-saving bicycle parking dock is a project unveiled by Sustainable Sites. Responding to a growing need for bicycle parking on school and business campuses, as well as in urban environments, the UpLift bike dock was conceived with the needs of cyclists as well as planners in mind.

The Park & Facilities Catalog: 800-695-3503

Keep an Eye Out

ControlOMatic has created a new mobile app for its popular Pool Warden controllers and chlorine generators. The new mobile app acts as the interface for all ControlOMatic products, including the Pool Warden single or dual pool water chemistry chemical controllers, which continually monitor and control pH, ORP, temperature and flow in swimming pools and spas. The new app provides all the functionality found with the PoolWarden desktop interface, but on mobile devices for faster, more convenient control of pool and spa water chemistry.

ControlOMatic: 530-205-4520