Wibitize Your Pool

Revitalize and increase visitor numbers with Wibit's interlocking combinations and transform your swimming pool into a water adventure for all ages. All combinations are designed to fit standard pool sizes, with special combinations for small facilities and budgets. Or, create your own aquatic adventure and games by building your own combination and choosing from more than 40 individual interlocking modules and standalone inflatables. German-designed and engineered, Wibit products meet the highest safety standards worldwide.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Stark™ Series Filter Systems are now easier to install and maintain with a versatile, modular design. Standard and custom styles allow for influent and effluent placement to meet any design requirements. Multiple configurations including side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked with a self-supporting stackable structure that eliminates the need for independent framework.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Don't Slip

Dri-Dek's anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It's perfect in showers, locker rooms, pool areas and saunas. Just snap the flexible 12-by-12-inch interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width or shape. Also available in 3-by-4-foot interlocking Sheets and 3-by-12-foot interlocking Rolls. Comes in 12 designer colors.

Dri-Dek: 800-348-2398


The Motion Trek 350, the first pool lift to receive UL listing on electronically powered pool lifts (UL Std. 60335-2-1000), is an ADA-compliant, battery-powered lift that is self-operable from the deck and water with a robust operating system. The Motion Trek 350 is designed for in-ground pools and spas. Accommodates pool wall setback of 6 inches to 22 inches, and water draft of up to 12 inches. Spacious seat with excellent lumbar support designed for ease of transfer.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

Alkalinity Control

BECS Technology introduces the BECSys Alkalinity Meter for monitoring Total Alkalinity. Maintaining a stable total alkalinity level promotes health water quality by keeping pH levels consistent and making the chlorine residual more effective. This patent-pending technology integrates with BECSys 7 and BECSys 5 controllers to control total alkalinity by automatically switching between hydrochloric acid and CO2 for pH control, making regular manual additions of sodium bicarbonate to the pool unnecessary.

BECS Technology: 314-567-0088

Race for It

Competitor® Racing Lanes provide superior wave-quelling performance proven to outperform other leading products by 20 percent. Made in the USA for more than 40 years, and fully guaranteed for durability and performance, Competitor is the Official Lane Line of USA Swimming and preferred lane marking system of the Olympic Games and NCAA Championships. Competitor Racing Lanes employ a unique flow-through system that provides consistent wave quelling from one lane to another.

Competitor Swim: 800-888-7946

Special Delivery

The Vantage VPF-20 feeder is a simple and effective way to deliver Vantage Poly-A clarifier tablets. Vantage Poly-A is a powerful tablet clarifier that aids in the coagulation of inorganic and organic compounds that can create dull and cloudy water conditions. Use Poly-A tablets to remove small particles and other compounds to maintain clear water.

AllChem Performance Products LP: 352-333-7381

High-Efficiency Filtration

High-efficiency, large-capacity filtration systems for swimming pools, water features and aquatic facilities. Make your water perfectly clean and clear with Natare's MicroFlo™ swimming pool filtration systems. Save on energy, water, chemicals and time spent on outdated, inefficient filters with a MicroFlo filtration system. Natare's high-capacity, cost-effective filters are designed to meet the demands of any project, whether the pool contains 5,000 gallons or 5 million gallons.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828