Easy Access

Connect-A-Dock floating docks provide a great way to promote waterfront services at your park. Their easy-to-assemble dock sections can be used to provide safe water access for boating and swimming. They can provide a great space for boat, kayak and canoe rental programs for your lake, too. The Connect-A-Dock system has both a high and low profile product offering for all of your waterfront needs.

Connect-A-Dock: 877-742-3071


Kay Pedal Cruisers have outstanding construction for commercial or rental use. Fiberglass deck and pontoon shells, all self-draining, re-greasable bearings, specially designed paddle wheel and rudder offer great operation, with little to no maintenance. Kay Park-Recreation … Making people places people-friendly since 1954.

Kay Park-Recreation Corporation: 800-553-2476

Lounge & Play

The WaterMat EX-Plus is a top seller for good reason. The product features two distinctly different surfaces: a pillowy DiamondTop surface on the "lounging" side, and a new, slippery-er "play" side. The EX-Plus is 22 feet wide and 5 feet wide, offering four more feet of fun than the EX. It is also thicker, at 2 inches, making it more buoyant. High-quality grommet and tethering system is included. The EX-Plus uses a Double Grommet System for stability and security.

Airhead Sports Group: 888-462-8386

Paddle On

EZ Dock has engineered the quickest, easiest way to reconnect with the nature you love. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the EZ Kayak Launch gets you in and out of your kayak, your canoe and the water faster and more often than ever before.

EZ Dock Inc.: 800-654-8168

Lightweight Gangway

American Muscle Docks announces its new patent-pending aluminum gangway. The gangway beams, end plates, mounting plate, handrail uprights and supports all work in concert to disperse the load more efficiently. The smarter engineering of the gangway elements allow the use of lighter material while obtaining a higher live-load capacity similar to that of much heavier gangways on the market, for a fraction of the price.

American Muscle Docks: 800-223-3444