Quick Fix

Need wall-mounted basketball systems in a hurry? In stock for immediate delivery, adjustable-length structure from Bison positions your backboard face 4 to 12 feet from the wall at the time of installation (without field modification). Easy-to-order and -install telescoping structures even include slotted mounting brackets to allow for fine-tuning goal height in the field. Side fold structure swings left or right without tools or ladders for nearly-flat storage when not in use. Fixed stationary systems are also available.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Under Cover

As the leader of gym-floor-cover fabrication for more than 40 years, the name Putterman has become synonymous with durability and quality. Adding a FloorGard Gym Floor Cover will protect your flooring, reduce maintenance costs and turn your gymnasium into a multi-use facility. FloorGard Premium is made from coated vinyl, producing a higher quality product that is much more durable and comes with a longer warranty. Pictured here is an installation at George Mason University.

Putterman Athletics: 800-621-0146

Easy Cover

North America's leading supplier of gym floor covers introduces the Master Series Premium COVERMATE™, a new storage rack that incorporates many of the best features of the top-of-the-line model. Attractively priced and with a higher load capacity than competing models, it will appeal to the budget-conscious facility manager. With a white, powder-coated frame, it's complete with a brake system, safety outriggers, safety roller collars and two hand cranks.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808


Spalding introduces the 8-foot Tournament Portable Backstop. Its new look, enhanced performance and setup configurations are designed for indoor tournament play with the following features: easily sets up in less than 45 minutes using minimal staff; use individually with add-on weight cart or attach back-to-back for close court play; compact design for transportation and storage due to the folding boom.

Spalding: 800-435-3865

Repurpose Your Gym

Eckel Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) offer a practical and cost-effective way to repurpose gyms into spaces for hosting lectures, musical performances or parent-teacher meetings. By dramatically reducing reverberation time and absorbing unwanted noise, Eckel's durable EFPs create an acoustic environment that will convert an otherwise unused space into a venue for a variety of academic and community activities.

Eckel Noise Control Technologies: 978-772-0480

Improve Safety

IPI by Bison can satisfy almost any wall, fence or other surface padding requirement for indoor or outdoor sports facilities. From standard 2-foot wide by 6-foot high by 2-inch thick solid color wall padding sections to custom-designed wall, pillar, stage or fence padding and full-color graphic designs, IPI has padding options to meet your specifications. Padding specialists help you design a padding system, simple or complex, to maximize player safety in your facility.

IPI by Bison: 800-637-7968

Surface Protection

Draper gym floor covers protect your playing surface from street shoes, chair and table legs, and spills when the facility is being used for purposes other than athletic competitions. 22-ounce laminated vinyl comes with polyester scrim for extreme durability. Seamless gym floor protection covers are 12 feet wide and up to 120 feet long. Available in red, blue, gray and beige, and as duplex fabrics with different colors on each side—gray/red or blue/beige.

Draper Inc.: 800-238-7999