Great Grating!

New PolyGrate™ is a durable and versatile pool perimeter grating that is machined from single sheets of marine-grade HDPE and completely customizable. PolyGrate can be designed to fit any pool gutter and features a high-friction walking surface to prevent slipping and promote improved drainage. The remarkable strength of the PolyGrate also makes it ideal for new or renovated bulkheads. Custom-engineered for each project to facilitate hassle-free installation. Ideal for repairing and renovating aquatic facilities.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Train & Store

To equip health clubs, fitness studios and training centers to meet the high demand for functional group training, Torque Fitness developed the X-Create, an infinitely customizable, versatile, combined training and storage system. The base of all X-Create systems, the four-foot base module walls each come standard with one pull-up station and two suspension anchors. For systems that aren't located next to a wall, the base bridge ranges from 13 to 33 feet and includes monkey bars, functional bars and two base modules.

Torque Fitness: 877-867-7835

Under Control

Users of Rain Bird controllers featuring the company's LNK™ WiFi Module can now "talk" to their irrigation systems, thanks to Amazon's popular voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa. In the United States and Canada, Alexa commands can now be used with Rain Bird's professional series controllers, the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me, when outfitted with a LNK WiFi Modular, as well as with ST8-WiFi controllers offered through retail channels. International availability is planned for a future release.

Rain Bird: 800-RAIN-BIRD


American Athletic Inc. is happy to have two-time Olympian and American Ninja Warrior Jonathan Horton back with the AAI team to promote the latest G2N™ product line, where gymnastics meets ninja. G2N™ products are strong enough for adults, adaptable enough for children, and unique enough for ninjas. They are the right combination of equipment and curriculum to engage members without taking up permanent space in facilities or requiring big investments.

American Athletic Inc.: 800-247-3978

Quality & Security

VersaMax Phenolic lockers are becoming the first choice for many facilities. Phenolic has a high-quality appearance and is nearly indestructible. The composite resin material phenolic is a hard, dense material with a unique non-porous surface that eliminates the ability for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow, making these lockers ideal for wet or damp areas. In addition, the surface is waterproof and graffiti- and scratch-resistant. VersaMax Phenolic lockers are built for high-traffic use.

List Industries Inc.: 800-776-1342

Fill It Up

Haws® introduces the only Outdoor, Modular Bottle Filler/Drinking Fountain Series. This series allows product customization for individual design and functionality needs. With configurable options for placement of bottle fillers, dog bowls, drinking fountains and hose bibs, this adaptable series of outdoor hydration products provides the option to interchange accessories. The interchangeable parts can be modified during or converted after installation to provide the best hydration solution at busy parks, schools, campuses and recreation facilities.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297