The Right Fit

CXT offers a full line of restroom, shower, concession and storage buildings. CXT’s all-concrete construction is designed to withstand hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and the damage from vandalism. With more than 16,000 buildings sold nationwide, CXT is a leader in prefabricated buildings. CXT will send a CD with detailed specifications, AutoCAD drawings and pictures or features and options for each building. CXT will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next restroom purchase.

CXT Inc.: 800-696-5766

When Nature Calls

Choose a single, double or multi-user all precast concrete (even the roof) restroom from Easi-Set Buildings. Easi-Set also offers a complete line of standard or custom, dry-vault or plumbed restrooms, designed to your specifications and matched to your facility’s surroundings and existing structures. Combine them with concessions, press boxes, showers, storage and more. Durable, secure and virtually maintenance-free, plus competitively priced to keep your project on budget. Rely on Easi-Set for all your building needs.

Easi-Set Buildings: 866-252-8210

Top Quality

Green Flush restrooms provide users with a top-quality flush restroom experience at a cost unmatched in the industry. Every restroom includes odorless and familiar flush toilets as well as sinks for hand washing. However, no utility connections are required, making installation simple and saving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are comfortable, low-cost, easily installed and easily maintained. Why settle for a stinky restroom?

Green Flush Technologies: 360-718-7595

Architectural Compliance

Public Restroom Company was chosen by the U.S. Forest Service to provide a restroom building at Meeks Bay, Calif., that matched Tahoe Classic Architecture to blend in with surrounding buildings. The building was set in late April on the beach at Lake Tahoe, meeting the architectural requirements of the owner. Public Restroom Company can uniquely design park restrooms to match local architectural themes including historic sites or sites with extreme code compliance guidelines, such as in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Public Restroom Company: 888-888-2060

Smart Choice

Exeloo public restrooms are the intelligent answer to public sanitation with hygiene, safety and a construction philosophy proven to stand the test of time. The City of Morgan Hill opened a new play space at Railroad Park. Along with top-of-the-line play equipment, city officials wanted a restroom that would discourage antisocial behavior. Designer Corbin Schneider of Verde Design explained, "We wanted something unique for the city and found Exeloo fantastic to work with.”

Exeloo: 800-676-5290

Go Modular

Hunter Knepshield’s modular restroom facilities include solutions for virtually any situation with fast turnaround and simple site preparation. Pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation, the buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and shipped ready for placement. Interiors are designed for low maintenance, including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reinforced fiberglass for easy washdown. A variety of plumbing choices including composting toilets, chemical toilets and flush toilets are available to match on-site resources.

Hunter Knepshield Company: 800-626-6530

Sustainable Restrooms

Biological Mediation Systems manufactures sustainable, custom-designed, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient structures and restroom facilities. BMS will work with you to create facilities meeting your needs. Architectural features and materials of existing structures can be matched. The WRS waterless system is the most efficient in the industry, reducing both waste and maintenance. Flush facilities, concession buildings and park entry stations can also be custom-designed.

Biological Mediation Systems: 800-524-1097