Build Some Excitement

This 17-foot structure slowly builds anticipation along with a whole lot of water. Once the large, funnel-shaped bucket is full, a generous flood whooshes out the bottom, and splashes off the platform rooms in three different directions onto users below. Random and unexpected fun, the best kind. Visit to learn more about the FlashFlood.

Aquatix by Landscape Structures: 877-632-0503

Surf’s Up!

FlowRider® can increase the revenue-generating opportunities of your existing town pool or recreational facility. A proven hit among families and teens, this smartly designed, skill-based ride attracts all age groups and fits into a compact footprint for easy add-on. Generate revenue from participants and spectators alike through season passes, lessons, events, party rentals and more.

Aquatic Development Group: 518-783-0038

Light It Up

The new FXPRO-Series LED lighting uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting for any fountain or splash play pad. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the new lighting provides an on-board DMX driver that is individually addressable with a DMX controller. These LED fixtures contain 18 RGBW color-changing diodes, and are capable of cord distances up to 350 feet. Available in both freestanding as well as flush mount configurations. UL/cUL listed and IP68/RoHS compliant.

Fountain People: 512-392-1155

Go West!

Empex Watertoys has just completed the Wild Wild Wet for the gated community Riverstone in McKinney, Texas. The scene takes place at the train station, where the sheriff and the bandits meet at high noon. The station master looks on as the clock is about to strike 12. Lots of unique water fun is presented with spraying cacti, a spiral spray railroad sign, a large tipping bucket, a spray train, Aquazooka spray cannons and a Tipping Armadillo.

Empex Watertoys: 866-833-8580

Captivating Fun

Energize your aquatic facility with Kaleidoscope water play structures. Packed with interactive sprays, thrilling soakers and multiple elevations, Kaleidoscope towers captivate visitors of all ages and abilities. Irresistible colors, shapes and patterns stimulate creative and curious play, while water textures from soft to gushing make room for calm exploration and high-action adventure.

Waterplay Solutions Corp.: 800-590-5552

Fun for the Family

Add a Natural Structures’ Spray Park and Water Playground to your facility and watch your yearly profits increase. Create your own spray park by mixing and matching different spray features and theme slides. Hundreds of options are available. Natural Structures offers a low-cost, high-quality solution to entice new customers and families. Discover flexibility and fun for your facility with pool slides, closed and open flume waterslides, combination waterslides, narrow deck waterslides, splash and spray features, shelters and more.

Natural Structures: 800-252-8475

Surface Solution

Flecks Systems Inc. offers Water Flecks®, an innovative thermoplastic granulated rubber surfacing system for your surfacing needs. Unlike other rubber surfacing systems, Water Flecks® offers many advantages such as light stability, long-term chlorine resistance, excellent slip resistance, anti-microbial additives to fight against mold and bacteria, and it does not leach out any harmful chemicals. Customers have benefited by using Water Flecks®, a safe, durable, long-term surface that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

WM Polymers/Flecks Systems Inc.: 732-569-6161

Thrills & Spills

Water thrill rides go beyond the competition with an AquaWorx Waterslide. The unique "smooth as glass” surface provides an unsurpassed riding experience. Built heavier to last longer with a 42-inch wide flume for maximum comfort, the slides are more durable than the competition. Distinctively equipped with AquaWorx’s custom-designed filtration and pumping systems and installed by AquaWorx slide specialists—you can rest assured and get ready for a safe, fun and exciting ride.

AquaWorx Inc.: 888-426-8511