Rubber Mulch

No Fault Bonded Rubber Mulch (NFBRM) uses clean, 100 percent recycled shredded rubber mulch combined with a single component polyurethane binder to achieve a unique, attractive and natural look for outdoor playgrounds. Always ready for use, the porous bonded mulch allows water to rapidly flow through the surface. Applied at various depths, NFBRM provides an impact-absorbing, seamless and accessible safety surface to meet your fall height requirements. It requires little maintenance and can be installed coast-to-coast.

No Fault Sport Group: 800-232-7766

For High-Wear Areas

The new TuffMat® for unitary surfacing is a full thickness wear mat that offers an economical solution to those high-wear areas under swings and at the end of slides. No more unattractive patching or total replacement cost, simply remove the worn-out area and replace it with an easy-fit TuffMat® that looks and performs better than before.

Zeager Bros.: 800-346-8524

Safer Playgrounds

LTR Products is the nation’s leading manufacturer of recycled rubber products and the manufacturer of GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch. GroundSmart™ is dedicated to creating safer playgrounds, smarter landscapes and producing the best rubber mulch available. GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch is IPEMA certified for up to 16 feet of critical fall height protection and meets ADA accessibility standards for playground safety surfacing.

LTR Products LLC: 800-961-0909

Playful Solutions

Robertson Recreational Surfaces, makers of Tot Turf Rubber Safety Surfacing, offers a variety of playful solutions that meet or exceed AS™ and IPEMA certifications for safer recreational surfaces. Robertson promises forthright customer support, credible installation services and dependable maintenance solutions that provide peace of mind before, during and after work is done. Experienced staff has solutions for wear and tear, and maintenance services can eliminate compliance issues and create safer spaces.

Robertson Recreational Surfaces: 800-858-0519

Above & Beyond

For decades, sofSURFACES has relentlessly pursued perfection, pioneering every aspect of the design, manufacture and installation of rubber surface tiles. They have developed proprietary processes that allow them to set new standards for quality, durability and value. And independent drop testing provides that sofSURFACES tiles are the safest in the world. Installed by certified professionals and backed by a lifetime warranty, sofSURFACES rubber surface tiles protect your investment and the people you serve.

sofSURFACES: 800-263-2363

Strong, Safe Surfaces

There’s no room to compromise on the quality of products and installation methods used to meet the stringent safety standards for synthetic turf playground surface installations. For 45 years, NORDOT® one-part adhesives have been up to the task. With superior grab during installation and long-term durability after in all types of climates worldwide, they’re recognized as the "Gold Standard” by which all other adhesives for installing playgrounds and other recreational, aquatic and athletic field surfaces are measured.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Meet Your Surface Needs

Sport Surface Specialties designs and installs surfacing to the specification of each customer. Working together with clients, Sports Surface Specialties ensures that all critical components of each project reflect the type of use and climate, and is compliant with all regulations. Sport Surface Specialties provides a variety of systems, including a premium poured-in-place surface, a durable rubber mulch surface and a synthetic turf system. Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available.

Sport Surface Specialties: 716-652-2039

Inspired Surfacing

PlayGuard Safety Surfacing is designed to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. Any design inspiration or playful color scheme can be implemented. PlayGuard features easy installation and maintenance, and offers the industry’s only 15-year warranty.

Playguard Safety Surfacing: 800-851-4746