A Neighborhood of Activity

The Smart Play® Centre connects little players with a little town for bigtime fun. Introduce kids ages 2 to 5 to this engaging community of imaginary play. Connected via elevated tunnels, the Centre lets little ones explore a multitude of interactive elements just right for developing minds and bodies. This tiny town makes a big impact by helping to facilitate children’s early brain, language and literacy development.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574

Play in the Shade

Take a look at Superior’s all-new playground components and modular shade. From conquering climbers to racing down slides, this new play structure is sure to impress park goers of all ages with its modern look. Children will enjoy using the net bridges to explore each side and level of this structure. What’s more, it is topped with a visually pleasing, disc-shaped shade unlike any other.

Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Swing On

Featuring the uniquely new and patented A1400 Kevlar Commercial Swing, designed for high usage and vandalism areas. American Swing offers a five-year unconditional guarantee with this swing. Kevlar is the same material used in body armor, and is highly resistant to cuts and tears. Should the seat become worn or vandalized, no sharp edges will become exposed. The A1400 Kevlar Commercial Swing is extremely durable and ready to handle any situation.

American Swing Products Inc.: 800-433-2573

More Ways to Connect

Today’s high-paced world needs a space to promote true face-to-face connection, development and offer everyone an opportunity to engage. The Konnection™ Swing is a timely introduction dedicated to reimagining our connections. Designed with a generous-sized seat to accommodate a variety of people with ease, the Konnection Swing focuses on support and comfort, wrapped up in a clean and welcoming form that allows for maximum engagement between caregiver and child or two children.

BCI Burke: 800-266-1250

Start Climbing

ModPods rethink the typical flat plane climber by creating a highly configurable climber in modular form. ModPods can be arranged to create horizontal climbing surfaces and different levels of challenge to meet your play space’s distinct needs, and they create a multifaceted climbing experience by encouraging social and ground-based play. Create new play experiences with your own unique layout or incorporate a freestanding unit into your playground design—the possibilities are endless.

Playworld: 800-233-8404

Higher Thrills

The Extreme Generation adventure playground gives today’s kids the extreme physical challenges they demand. With its rope-course-inspired events, skyscraping towers and fully enclosed skyways, XGEN safely provides the perceived risk that keeps kids coming back for more high-flying thrills. See how high XGEN can take you.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Co.: 888-458-2752


Expression Swing™ is GameTime’s innovative swing that promotes attunement as adults and children swing together. The patented face-to-face design features a toddler swing seat for children 24 to 47 months old, and a comfortable adult swing that allows a parent and child (or grandparent and grandchild) to interact with each other and experience one another’s facial expressions and heartfelt feelings while at play.

Gametime: 800-235-2440


For years, playground trends have flip-flopped between ultra-modern, urban design and a more natural/rustic aesthetic. It’s time to meet in the middle. The NU-edge® play system is designed around the striking dichotomy of both nature and city life. With towering rooftops, nature-inspired play events and non-linear climbing paths, this bold fusion allows kids to jump into a world of discovery, imagination and adventure—no matter where they live.

Little Tikes Commercial: 800-325-8828