Play Ball!

A natural and realistic wooden baseball bat finish makes for a unique Balance Beam (available in large, as pictured, and small). The Baseball Climber provides complementary fun with unique seam handholds. Both challenge coordination and balance while providing tons of fun. Constructed of durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) for extreme durability to withstand outdoor elements as well as vandalism. Detailed textures create a realistic wood look and feel.

Cre8Play: 612-670-8195

Climb On

Playcraft’s new Ebb and Flow Climbers revolutionize the playground climbing experience with dynamic curving angles integrated with a mesh rope design. Each climber boasts a high child capacity while providing opportunities to climb from all directions, including under deck play areas. Whether you need a single climber or a new innovative way to functionally link your playground, the Ebb and Flow Climbers will set your playground apart.

Playcraft Systems: 800-333-8519

Design Your Own

Work with Bears Playgrounds to design your own custom, nature-inspired cedar log playground. Choose your parts and layout. With Bears Playgrounds, you get a hybrid, or balance between the innocent, natural adventure of playing in the forest and the structure and safety required by today’s standards for children’s spaces. Bears Playgrounds’ mission is inspired and focused: “to create fantastic, nature inspired products which enhance children’s environments.”

Bears Playgrounds: 877-807-PLAY (7529)

Add Some Whimsy

The fun Woodville design encompasses wooden shacks resting on posts, which are characterized by construction that appears to be crooked and random. The design evokes a feeling of an adventure playground and custom construction. Custom is Berliner’s standard, and they encourage creativity. Visit the website and let Berliner personalize and tailor-make a high-quality design for your location that will last generations.

Berliner: 877-837-3676

Capture the Moment

There is no greater thrill than a parent and child swinging together and experiencing the joy in each other’s faces in real time. What if there was a built-in slot that could capture the moment with a smartphone camera? Introducing the Reflections Selfie Swing™--a hands-free swing that allows you to be in the moment while capturing the memories.

Play & Park: 800-727-1907

Spin Together

The Wheelchair Accessible Merry Go Round from SportsPlay enables children of all abilities to play together side-by-side. Wheelchairs can be easily rolled onto the merry-go-round surface, which sits flush to the ground. Swing gates provide a secure setting for riders, along with handrails. Wheelchair brakes and the smartly designed gates keep children safely stationed on the spinning ride. There is also a built-in governor to control maximum speed.

SportsPlay Equipment Inc.: 800-727-8180