Outfitted for Adventure

Head Rush Technologies uses engineering expertise and innovative technology to bring exciting products to the adventure and amusement industries, specializing in climbing, zip lining and free fall. These cutting-edge products use Head Rush’s patented eddy current magnetic braking technology, increasing throughput and enhancing customer experience while mitigating risk. Products include TRUBLUE Auto Belay, zipSTOP, Zip Line Braking System, Quickflight and FlightLine Free Fall devices, and a host of other zip line gear.

Head Rush Technologies: 720-565-6885

A Mountain of Fun

The Wibit Springboard is an exhilarating climbing wall and cliff in one. This high-profile piece offers climbing challenges and multiple jumping opportunities from various heights. With the revolutionary semi-circle step construction, getting to the peak is easy as can be—all without handles. Once at the top, the reward is purely splash-tastic. Generate excitement, boost attendance and increase revenue for your facility with this mountain of a climber.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Race to the Top

Ropes Courses Inc. (RCI) is the North and South American manufacturer of visually impactful Clip ‘n Climb® climbing walls. Each wall poses a unique challenge for climbers in terms of difficulty level and interactive elements such as hanging ropes or underclings. No need to be an expert as climbers of all ages and skill levels are able to have fun racing friends or family to the top of each wall. It’s climbing for everyone.

Ropes Courses Inc.: 877-203-0557

Climb & Splash

A safe, fun alternative to slides and diving boards, AquaClimb® walls make a great addition to your fitness and recreation programs, provide supplemental training for aquatic sports teams and are a unique, fun way for kids to learn about climbing, take risks in a controlled environment, and develop healthy skills for life. AquaClimb walls are low-maintenance, fully customizable and will bring the “wow” factor to your facility.

AquaClimb: 800-956-6692

Light It Up

Vibrant, engaging, entertaining, physical—the GlowHolds Interactive Climbing System is now available from Eldorado Climbing Walls. Fill a wall with these light-up hexes and you have a programmable, touch-sensitive, narrow-profile playscape that fits in virtually any room. Hexes come in a variety of colors and the touch-sensitive holds come preinstalled. Ships with games preloaded, with more available through the cloud-based subscription service. Activities for all ages.

Eldorado Climbing Walls: 303-447-0512

Be Adventurous

The strength of the Koala Continuous Belay system is smart design that allows for easy installation and limited long-term maintenance. Components like the “Y-Swapper” create escape routes and forks in the trail. The Switch Station is perfect for vertical ascending or descending with free fall jump stations or giant swings. It’s these unique features that make this continuous belay system ideal for building or retrofitting ropes courses, challenge courses and adventure parks.

Aerial Adventures Technologies LLC: 828-759-5542

Up and Up

Treadwall® Kore Pro (shown) and M6 Pro rotating climbing walls are the ultimate training tools for climbers with a compact footprint, quiet operation and pricing designed for climbing gyms and university programs. The Kore Pro is designed specifically for climbers with an overhanging wall from -5 degrees to -35 degrees. The M6 Pro has both slab and overhanging angles for more all-around training. All have proven, motor-free engineering, self-paced movement and comfortable, wooden climbing surfaces.

Brewer Fitness: 800-707-9616