Set the Standard

The Mondoturf FTS3 Turf System is an innovative and revolutionary system that sets the standard for football, lacrosse and rugby systems worldwide. The FTS3 system is comprised of three elements: Ecofill Infill, 4Nx Monofilament Fiber and a Fine Tuned System pad. The infill is heavy-metal-free, the fiber is thicker to improve memory and resilience, and the pad improves G-max values. Each element provides exceptional biomechanical conditions on the field for playing and practicing.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448

Turf Breakthrough

AstroTurf’s TRIONIC Fiber is a new breakthrough in fiber technology. Throughout the history of the synthetic turf industry, the greatest quest for manufacturers has been to blend polyethylene and nylon into a single fiber. That dream has now become a reality. More than 700,000 square feet of Trionic fiber have been installed at carefully selected beta sites around the country. The fiber has been extensively tested and delivers a massive improvement in resistance to wear.

AstroTurf: 800-723-8873

Start Running

Regupol AG tracks offer a running surface that is uniform in physical properties and thickness. This polyurethane wear surface is impermeable, seamless and UV stable. Regupol AG tracks offer excellent shock absorption, slip resistance and come with a 5-year warranty. These tracks are also easily repaired and resurfaced. Having the option to resurface the top layer can achieve lower life cycle costs. Available in Relay Red, Dash Black and Bolt Blue.

Abacus Sports Installations: 800-821-4557

Durable Outdoor Turf Adhesives

Troubled by loose, unsafe seams? NORDOT® one-part solvent-based Adhesives are the solution. Their unmatched high “green strength” (grab) holds seams in place during installation, then after cure delivers superior long-term durability and outstanding water resistance, even in harsh climates. And, they can be used year-round in any temperature the installer can work, from subfreezing, windy, damp conditions to hot, dry temperatures and right up until it snows or rains. This photo of NORDOT® Adhesive on seam tape developing its green strength demonstrates a proper seam repair.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Play On

Tot Turf Synthetic Grass is a natural-looking, soft alternative to real grass created for play and recreation. Not only does this synthetic grass stay green all year, it doesn’t require mowing, fertilizing or watering. Tot Turf products include bottom layer attenuation to meet fall cushioning requirements for safety compliance. Robertson’s turf surfacing is accessible for children and adults with all abilities.

Robertson Recreational Surfaces: 800-858-0519

Multipurpose Turf

No Fault SporTurf is the new generation of safety surface designed to bring sustainability, long-term value and improved performance to multipurpose open areas. With advanced cooling technology, this beautiful and lush artificial turf features sports performance fibers proven to outperform ordinary landscape fibers. No Fault Sport Group provides coast-to-coast installation services to ensure consistent quality and premium customer service for all SporTurf applications.

No Fault Sport Group: 866-NFSPORT (637-7678)

Get Green

TifSport Bermudagrass features excellent cold tolerance, color, texture and density, improved pest tolerance, earlier spring green-up and aggressive establishment. After more than 25 years of evaluation, TifSport has been documented to perform to the standards it was bred for. If you’re looking for a certified Bermudagrass that can stand up to the stress and demands of big-time sports, relax—you’ve found it.

Tifsport: 706-552-4525