Get Moving

Toro recently introduced the all-new Outcross™ 9060, a revolutionary, turf-friendly machine that delivers on the benefits of both a tractor and a super-duty utility vehicle. Designed to allow turf managers to do more with less stress, less labor, fewer resources and less time, the multipurpose Outcross 9060 is a versatile, powerful and productive addition to any operation. Turf managers can pre-program attachment parameters, reducing the possibility of operator error.

The Toro Company: 800-803-8676

Turf Management

For more than 40 years, SMG has been a leading manufacturer of equipment for the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf fields and running tracks. SMG Equipment offers a complete line of turf maintenance equipment, including drag brushes, ground-driven tow-behind sweepers, tractor-mounted PTO-drive sweepers and the top-of-the-line SMG SportChamp.

SMG Equipment LLC: 253-249-7050

A Multipurpose Tool

The Multi-Sport combination tool offers many features in one unit. The ability to slit, rake, roll or brush in pass to varying depths is invaluable to many different turf surfaces. The robust design and ease of adjustment make the Multi-Sport a quick yet accurate machine. The storage stands make dismounting or mounting from the tractor very easy.

Redexim North America Inc.: 636-825-8300

A Perfect Cut

The 6080A, 6500A and 6700A PrecisionCut™ Reel Mowers leverage all of the mower technologies from the John Deere award-winning A Model family of mowers. These mowers are equipped with a powerful 24.7 HP diesel engine, three-wheel smooth tire configurations, and premium performance and comfort features. Additionally, they boast exceptional cut quality thanks to the standard LoadMatch™ feature, while the innovative eHydro transmission eliminates linkages between the pedals and the hydrostatic pump.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Infield of Dreams

Broyhill’s Ball Field Finisher includes special rubber flail fingers with diamond pattern to prepare your infield properly. This affordable finisher is 74 inches wide and features a 45-degree back slope leveling bar prior to the large rubber fingers to assist in flattening any ridges. Fits a variety of vehicles with its electric lift kit. Manual trailered lift kit available and can be towed behind hard-to-fit vehicles.

Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003

Smart Solution

The fds 9200, 6000 and 4600 Turf Dethatchers meet your needs by dethatching undulating golf course fairways, boulevards, park land sites and picnic areas. Reduce athlete injuries on synthetic sports fields by lowering G-Max surface hardness. The equipment extends the lifespan of synthetic turf surfaces. It also assists in core breakup on natural turf and prepares surfaces for overseeding. Stands up synthetic fibers for an improved ball roll. Tow with an all-terrain quad or a low HP tractor.

Wood Bay Turf Technologies: 800-661-4942

Good Grooming

Heying Company manufactures a full line of quality equipment for infields, turf and off-field maintenance. Infield Groomers repair and maintain infields. Turf Groomers are available for natural and artificial turf. Off Field Maintenance equipment is designed for driveways, parking lots, yards and more. Save time and labor with this easy-to-use equipment. Pull with a variety of towing machines.

Heying Company: 712-348-8847