Multipurpose Choice

Surface America’s ElastoFloor™ Roll-Pour—poured urethane over premanufactured, fully-adhered resilient rubber basemat rolls—features excellent slip, abrasion and wear resistance, maintains true ball response and absorbs shock and sound. Available in 12 colors plus line paints, the gym floor surface is also ideal for hosting non-sporting activities with chairs, tables and foot traffic without needing protective covering. Seamless surface is far easier and less costly to maintain than hardwood. ElastoFloor™ is moderately priced compared to hardwood.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Hardwood Alternative

Maple Select™ is a modular sports surface that delivers the same look, squeak of the shoe and consistent ball bounce as a hardwood court, but with a much lower cost of ownership. Its proprietary SportGuard™ advanced surface technology provides a durable, easy-to-clean and low-maintenance surface, and its patented Lateral Forgiveness™ provides protection against stress on knees and joints. Maple Select™ courts can be installed by your local CourtBuilder™ quickly and efficiently without adhesives.

Sport Court: 800-421-8112

Resilient Flooring

Padenpor by Abacus Sports Installations is a superior resilient flooring system designed for multiple uses, including gymnasiums, meeting rooms, indoor/outdoor running tracks, etc. A recycled rubber base-mat, combined with multiple layers of self-leveling urethane, results in a floor that is seamless, durable, shock-absorbing and designed to meet criteria under the LEED rating system. Customized game lines and logos are also available.

Abacus Sports Installations: 800-821-4557

Portable Floor

Pro Complete 44 is the newest Portable Hardwood Sports Floor system from Junckers. The system is unique in the industry, as it is lightweight, hand-carried, sets up and removes easily, and stores in a relatively small space. The system consists of 20-inch-by-6-foot solid hardwood panels that lock together with a premounted joining bracket. Excellent shock absorption and resilience is achieved from the pre-attached padded sleepers on the underside of each panel.

Junckers Hardwood Inc.: 714-231-7177