Grounds Equipment

Heying Company manufactures a full line of quality equipment for infields, turf and off-field maintenance. Infield Groomers that repair and maintain infields. Turf Groomers for natural and artificial turf. Off Field maintenance equipment for driveways, parking lots, yards and more. Save time and labor. All available with electric lift. Pull with a variety of towing machines.

Heying Company: 712-756-8847

Striping Star

GameTime Stripe-It™ aerosol cans have uniform coverage with quick drying results and crisp lines, perfect for marking all athletic fields. No hard setting at bottom of a can. More paint extracted from a can than competitors. Water-based, eco-friendly. Sale for all turf fields. Low VOC formula. Can be used on damp turf. Long shelf life. Available in white and 11 colors.

Game Time Sports Systems: 800-520-0512

In Command

The Kromer Field Commander infield groomer is the original Athletic Field Maintenance machine. Kromer is committed to manufacturing the best quality equipment on the market with the best warranty available. During the past 30-plus years, Kromer Company has been dedicated to using its engineering experience and customer input to build a superior quality machine with unmatched durability, and the most powerful engines, high-capacity fuel tanks, water tanks and hydraulic tanks.

Kromer Co. LLC: 800-373-0337

Dump It

Earth & Turf Products LLC announces a new 3-Point Dump Cart for compact tractors that fits category I 3-point hitches. This Earth & Turf Dump Cart has box dimensions of 42 inches wide, 31 inches long and 11 inches deep. Its overall height to the top link connection is 24 inches, Capacity is 8.75 cubic feet, and its weight (empty) is 125 pounds. The Dump Cart moves on 3-inch caster wheels and has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. It can be moved easily on smooth surfaces either empty or with a load.

Earth & Turf Products LLC: 888-293-2638

Spring Is Coming

Call today for the “Reach for Spring” quantity discount on the heavy-duty, commercial-grade Multi-Reacher™. From trash pickup to retrieving items from the water, this reacher brings everything right to your fingertips. The ergonomic grip ensures comfort during repetitive use while the rust-proof aluminum and stainless construction promised longtime durability.

IDM Worldwide: 800-950-7885