Under Cover

Sentinel Mountain Series shelters provide cover for bike racks, single tables, benches, reader boards and message centers. Ideal for protection from all aspects of the weather. Shade from the sun or protection from rain and snow. Sentinel Mountain pavilions are an excellent choice for parks, golf courses, pools, waysides and other private and public areas. Natural Structures offers nine different series of shelters and pavilions to enjoy the outdoors. Custom designs available.

Natural Structures: 800-252-8475

Thatched Roofing

Safari Thatch is the largest supplier of thatched roofing in the United States for more than 30 years, offering natural and synthetic thatch options for roofing, umbrellas, gazebos and more. All natural thatch styles are sustainably harvested. Synthetic options are non-toxic, UV-stable, 100 percent recyclable, hold up in harsh weather conditions, meet strict fire retardancy requirements and are extremely realistic. Umbrella kits range from 7.5 to 16 feet in diameter with custom sizes and solutions available.

Safari Thatch Inc.: 954-564-0059

Shelters & Walkways

Pre-engineered metal park shelters, recreational shelters, walkways and awnings from Americana dramatically reduce maintenance costs. They are easily installed, can be designed for severe conditions and are environmentally safe. If you have specific wind or snow load requirements or if you need a non-rectangular, L-shaped or T-shaped structure, call to find a custom shelter or walkway to fit your needs.

Americana Building Products: 800-851-0865

Tough Shade

Value Vinyls offers Monotec 370 shade cloth, uniquely engineered using only 100 percent round mono-filament yarns. Recognized as the strongest shade cloth available in the industry today, this install-and-forget fabric will not stretch or sag, making it ideal for large projects. Installers do not need to return to re-tension the fabric. Available now in 15 popular colors and 126-inch and 256-inch widths.

Value Vinyls Inc.: 800-406-8845

Shade When You Want

Infinity Canopy offers infinite possibilities with its patented modular design. Infinity Canopy attaches to a pair of parallel cables that can be attached to freestanding structures such as pergolas or between two opposing structures, such as walls. Infinity Canopy is comprised of individual fabric panels that connect to create a canopy in any length and in one or multiple colors. This versatile design allows the canopy to adapt to any space to cover small or large spaces with a retractable shade.

Infinity Canopy: 844-422-6679