Add Some Fun

Looking to add some fun to your dog park? Consider these popular tunnels; they’re affordable and super-durable. With three standard lengths—3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet—and a generous 27-inch diameter that accommodates large dogs as well, they also feature Dog-On-It-Parks’ exclusive texture that’s molded into the plastic for years of slip resistance. Standard color options are green, blue or red, with complementary end panels or personalize yours with a custom dog house.

Dog-On-It-Parks: 877-348-3647

For Thirsty Pups

While the weather may be cooling off, the need for hydration never goes away. The unique Cool Dog™ Doggie Water Fountain is designed to keep dogs fully hydrated during play time. The Doggie Water Fountain comes in eight dynamic colors and is built with the finest grades of heavy-duty 316 stainless steel.

Gyms for Dogs™: 800-931-1562

Bark in the Park

Build a community destination that offers dogs and their owners a secure environment to play. Based on popular agility obstacles, BarkPark equipment is designed for dogs of all sizes, abilities and confidence levels. Its proprietary CanineCoat™ provides superior slip-resistant traction, UV protection and resistance to vandalism and urine.

BarkPark by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Proper Disposal

Pet waste is both an aesthetic and environmental problem. Encourage the proper disposal of pet waste by putting an educational message where it will do the most good. Colorful Doo Dot das Curb Markers can be installed on just about any flat non-soil surface using your choice of das Curb Marker Adhesive. Because they’re das Curb Markers, you know they’re durable. Doo Dots will serve as a visible yet unobtrusive reminder to pet owners for years to come.

das Manufacturing: 800-549-6024

Cleanup Time

Dog Wash Systems USA offers a self-serve, freestanding pet wash station for pets large and small. Dog Wash Systems USA stations are ADA-compliant, fully assembled and delivered to your site, ready to connect to your utilities. Dog washes are perfect for all manner of recreational facilities. Factory-direct from Garden Prairie, Ill.

Dog Wash Systems, USA: 800-537-8231

Don’t Overpay

Stop overpaying on pet waste products. Pet Waste Eliminator is a leading source for your pet waste needs. Choose from a selection of high-quality pet waste stations and bags. Features a lowest-price guarantee that will beat any competitor price by 10 percent, lifetime guarantee on metal station, large selection of pet waste stations and same-day shipping.

Pet Waste Eliminator: 800-790-8896

Step Up

The DOGIPOT DOGIStepping Bones come with our RUFFCOAT™ making it urine- and slip-resistant and easy for pets to get plenty of exercise. Supported with a solid base of powder-coated steel, steps have a perforated bone pattern with plenty of room for climbing to their hearts’ content.

Dogipot: 800-364-7681

Fun for Dogs

Dogs are curious. And they love to explore! The new Canine Condo gives dogs everything they love. A shady cove, easy climbing steps, a ramp adventure—topped off with a sheltered perch that dogs will absolutely love. You better bring some treats to get the dogs to leave the Canine Condo. The Canine Condo is like a Mini Dog Park all wrapped up in one attractive fixture—perfect for small spaces or if you’re just getting your dog park started.

Pet and Playground Products: 866-398-3992