Need a Lift?

The AQUA Buddy® access lift is battery-powered, offering a smaller footprint with a single axis that is perfect for motels, hotels and any location where deck space is limited. The AQUA Buddy® is constructed of stainless steel that is powder-coated for more durability and utilizes a secure and simple designed mounting system. Important features include flip-up stainless-steel armrests and wide, flat surfaces to support the additional weight demands often placed during transfer.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

In Control

ControlOMatic offers its Pool Warden controller with a TrueDPD accessory that takes the guesswork out of having to “hand measure” free chlorine. Using proven DPD reagent technology, the TrueDPD accessory allows for true PPM monitoring and control without ORP/pH conversion. The Pool Warden controller is a single or dual water chemistry chemical controller with the ability to measure pH, ORP, temperature and flow, and with the ability to measure, adjust and deliver chemicals as needed.

ControlOMatic: 530-205-4520

Get Functional

This Escape Octagon HTS 6.3 custom frame features a boxing bag, pulley, suspension trainers and monkey bars. It also includes vibrant turf flooring with zones marked, as well as Tiyrs and a quad sled. To make the most of the space, the Rack5 space-saving storage and training tool houses Medballs, Sandbags, Ridge Rollers, Bulgarian Bags, Core Momentum Trainers, GRIPRs, COREBAGs, Slam Balls and Studio Kettlebells. For aerobic stepping and strength training, there are several Deck 2.0 platforms.

Escape Fitness: 614-706-4462

Rock and Rollers

Perform Better has expanded its recovery line by adding the Rollga Foam Rollers. Each Rollga Roller has a unique shape that penetrates muscle tissues while avoiding bone structure. Their patented design helps release trigger points in ways that traditional rollers can’t. They are designed for connective tissue therapy, as well as spinal alignment and help speed up recovery and eliminate unnecessary stiffness. These Rollga Foam Rollers come in moderate-to-firm density, as well as an extra-firm density and are great for all users.

M-F Athletic: 800-556-7464

Court Time

FlexGround CourtScape is a ľ-inch surfacing system that combines durable rock with the cushion of rubber. It absorbs impact while expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations and is gentler on players’ joints. CourtScape eliminates maintenance issues of traditional dry, brittle acrylic surfaces, making it less likely to crack, chip and look damaged. CourtScape adds value to many areas and is ITF certified for tennis courts. Great for renovation projects over any asphalt or concrete surface.

FlexGround: 480-694-5949

Get Interactive

TAG Interactive Arenas is a new concept in social active leisure through the technological gamification of physical events. A creative blend of physical obstacles and challenging events with immersive activities that make up the multilevel, multi-zoned TAG Arenas. Player-worn electronic bands provide gamification and competitive metrics. TAG Arenas contain a complex structure of interconnected activity areas.

iPlayCo: 604-607-1111