Proper Sanitization

Blue-White’s® Pro-Series® Flex-Pro® A2P units are expertly engineered to serve the chemical dosing needs of commercial pools and aquatic facilities. To ensure proper sanitizing, A2P has output rates to 15.9 GPH and pressure ratings to 50 psi. A2P uses a peristaltic pump design, so there are no valves to clog. A2P will not vapor lock or lose prime while pumping off-gassing chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite or muriatic acid. The pump is self-priming even against maximum line pressure.

Blue-White Industries: 714-893-8529

Outdoor Showers

Shower Tower, outdoor showers for beaches, parks, waterparks, pools and sand volleyball, feature push-button, self-closing valves, non-corrosive rust-proof tower, molded-in colors, and are capable of serving multiple users at once with shower and/or footwashes. Handsome, vandal-resistant design. Easy surface-mount installation. Easy maintenance.

Shower Tower: 800-330-9073

Maintenance Made Easy

Streamline pool maintenance by eliminating paper logs and reports. Pool Shark H2O reduces the time, cost and hassle of maintaining pools by providing instant water analysis, precise chemical dosages, permanent online test records and custom checklists. Remote access to all pool data for managers and 100 percent health department compliant. “With more than one pool, it’s great to get real-time notifications and be able to review previous tests for pools all in one place,” said Brandon R., Berkshire Family YMCA.

Pool Shark H2O Inc.: 855-742-7542

Control Phosphates

As phosphate levels continue to rise in source waters across America, the requirement for phosphate testing is increasingly paramount. Responding to this market demand, Palintest introduces the Pooltest 10 with effortless phosphate testing. Making professional pool and spa management easy, the Pooltest 10 includes tests for the 10 most critical water testing parameters, including chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid.

Palintest: 800-835-9629

No More Crud

The Scumbug Plus is a bigger version of the widely used original Scumbug. When placed in a clean spa, Scumbug Plus helps to prevent the formation of a scum line. The new bigger Bug has roughly 20 percent more surface area than the original, enabling it to absorb 40 times its weight in body oils, suntan lotions and pollens. In commercial pools, the Scumbug Plus gets placed in the pool’s filter basket and acts as a prefilter, providing a boost to water quality and clarity.

Rola-Chem Corporation: 800-549-4473

Fresh Feeling

Clear Comfort’s pool and spa supplemental disinfection systems provide aquatic facilities with the best, freshest-feeling and healthiest water quality with simple system maintenance. Using a patented hydroxyl-based Advanced Oxidation (AOP) technology, Clear Comfort has been independently proven to reduce up to 50 percent of chemical use and costs, destroy 99.99 percent of Cryptosporidium and reduce 80 percent-plus of combined chlorine.

Clear Comfort: 303-872-4477

Underwater Resistance

Control the resistance of the water with DeltaBells® from AquaJogger. Constructed from durable EVA foam and soft padded grips, the triangular design allows users to adjust their desired resistance level with the turn of a wrist.

AquaJogger: 800-922-9544

Clean, Clear Water

Make your water perfectly clean and clear with Natare’s MicroFlo® Vacuum Sand Filtration Systems. These high-efficiency, large-capacity filtration systems for swimming pools, splash pads, waterparks and aquatic facilities will help you save energy, money, chemicals and time spent on outdated, inefficient filters. Natare’s low-maintenance and cost-effective filters are designed to meet the demands of any aquatic project, whether the pool contains 5,000 or 5 million gallons.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828