Dry Off

The SUITMATE® swimsuit water extractor is an innovative system that removes 95 percent of the water from a wet swimsuit in eight seconds, without heat. The SUITMATE® unit is a valued amenity for both guests and property owners as it helps prevent water damage from wet swimsuits, resulting in a cleaner environment.

Extractor Corporation: 800-553-3353

Special Delivery

The Vantage VPF-20 feeder is a simple and effective way to deliver Vantage Poly-A clarifier tablets. Vantage Poly-A is a powerful tablet clarifier that aids in the coagulation of inorganic and organic compounds that can create dull and cloudy water conditions. Use Poly-A tablets to remove small particles and other compounds to maintain clear water.

AllChem Performance Products LP: 352-333-7381

Make Your Own

ChlorKing®’s NEX-GEN line of commercial on-site chlorine generators are the industry’s first systems to use swimming pool water to make chlorine. This unique technology uses the TDS already present in the pool water. No salt is needed in the pool. Why buy chlorine when you can produce it on-site for as little as 43 cents per gallon?

ChlorKing: 800-536-8180

Quick Cleaning

Clean your pools in half the time while reducing your water, chemical and energy bills. The Maxi-Sweep Pool & Fountain Portable Vacuum System wastes no pool water—it returns the filtered water back into the pool. Maxi-Sweep is totally self-sufficient and uses none of the pool’s built-in cleaning or filtering systems.

Maxi-Sweep Inc.: 800-279-2071

Simple Maintenance

Dolphin C7 commercial vacuums make maintaining your pool facility a breeze. Just plug in, press power and go. When finished, just open, remove and rinse the filter clean. CleverClean Smart Navigation ensures complete pool coverage, comes with remote control to spot clean when needed. The large capacity fine filter basket ensures clog-free operation that removes all leaves, dirt and debris. The Dolphin C Class comes with a limited two-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450

Powerful Cleaning

Recreation Supply Company’s electric and gas-powered filter vacuums combine ease of portability with high-powered suction and large-capacity single filter cartridges. These filter vacuums are built with dependable Pentair and Harmsco components and a stainless-steel cart.

Recreation Supply Company: 866-828-9438