Fun for the Whole Family

Turn your waterfront into an exciting, revenue-generating attraction with the new Wibit SportsPark M. This exciting aquatic playground features new challenges like the Twist and Peak, along with the new step up system (SUS), which allows for multiple points of entry and easy access throughout the park. With multiple routes to choose from, this combination offers something for every skill level. Generate excitement, attendance and revenue for your facility.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442


Kay Pedal Cruisers have outstanding construction for commercial or rental use. Fiberglass deck and pontoon shells, all self-draining, regreaseable bearings, specially designed paddle wheel and rudder offer great operation, with little to no maintenance. Kay Park-Recreation … Making people places people-friendly since 1954.

Kay Park-Recreation Company: 800-553-2476

On the Move

The Aquatrek2 AQ-1000 Beach Wheelchair can turn on the sand easily with proprietary aluminum forks and brushings. No grease or oil is ever needed, and it has a simple design and weight distribution. The AQ-1000 requires less effort when turning on many terrains, including sand, and has a 350-pound weight capacity.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620

Dock Solutions

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication is a manufacturer of both Floating and Stationary boat dock systems, hardware, gangways and marine accessories. Wood, Steel Truss, Stainless Steel and Aluminum boat docks and hardware are all fabricated and produced under American Muscle Docks’ roof—allowing for cost savings and the ability to expedite custom fabricated orders.

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication: 800-223-3444

Healthy Waters

The AirStream Pro system is a fantastic natural aeration solution for eliminating nuisance vegetation, algae and much by using high-volume jet aeration and circulation. Not only does the AirStream restore health to bodies of water, it even attracts fish to your shoreline with its powerful current and oxygen delivery. Ideal for marinas, bays, coves, canals, ponds and even larger bodies of water. Never pay expensive dredging costs again.

Weeders Digest: 877-224-4899

Slide Right In

Freestyle Slides worked alongside Christal Lagoons to custom-build a 35-foot slide that exits directly into the lagoon. This is the first Christal Lagoon in the United States. Freestyle Slides also added the first inflatable climbing wall, attached to the rear of the slide, so you get two major attractions in one go. Freestyle Slides is also offering a brand-new design based on the famous Hippo. It is now a four-lane Hippo, and the first will be installed at St. Pete Beach.

Freestyle Slides: 866-MY-HIPPO

Get Around

CORCL Boats are the fun way to get around! These award-winning products give your guests new ways to play on the water. The round CORCL boat for kids is simple to maneuver and versatile, with 49 game and race ideas available. They are durable and stackable, weighing 28 pounds. The WGWAG, for ages 10 and up, propels through the water when you stand and rock side to side. Good exercise. Good fun.


Clean the Water

The Parachute Skimmer announced the new Marina version. This patented water-cleaning tool was ‘proved effective around docks’ by the U.S. Coast Guard during the Gulf oil spill. Easy to use, the top part floats, the bottom sinks, and a screen captures floating debris subsurface material as it is pulled through the water. Drop it in and sweep a 5-foot swath of water at a time. It closes as it is removed to easily capture and remove debris from the water.

Parachute Skimmer: 407-894-7439