Lightweight Volleyball

Looking for a new volleyball system but don’t want the daunting task of carrying around heavy poles? Look no further! Spalding’s LITE Steel Volleyball System has the strength of steel, but the weight of aluminum. The system weighs 34 percent less than other volleyball systems, making it much easier to set up and take down. Due to the spring-loaded outer telescoping technology, you will notice more stability and less deflection during play. From a dig on the court to a spike at the net, Spalding has you covered.

Spalding: 800-435-3865

Adjust Your Height

Bison’s best-selling telescoping aluminum volleyball system now allows for net height adjustment without loosening the net. Order the VB1100 Centerline Aluminum EZ for the added convenience of an internal lead screw that allows coaches, players or facility staff to fine-tune the height of the net with the simple turn of a handle on the pole. The lightweight aluminum posts fit in all manufacturers’ 3-inch floor sockets, and a lifetime-warranty winch is included.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Repurpose Your Gym

Eckel Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) offer a practical and cost-effective way to repurpose gyms into spaces for hosting lectures, musical performances or parent-teacher meetings. By dramatically reducing reverberation time and absorbing unwanted noise, Eckel’s durable EFPs create an acoustic environment that will convert an otherwise unused space into a venue for a variety of academic and community activities.

Eckel Noise Control Technologies: 978-772-0480

Have More Fun

Have your classes become stale, and enrollment is down? Are you looking for fun, fitness and new members? Then look no further. AAI’s G2N products are strong enough for adults, adaptable enough for children and unique enough for ninjas. With the right combination of equipment and curriculum, you can engage members without taking up permanent space or requiring big investments. The turnkey curriculum encompasses physical literacy and much more while bringing a fun new revenue stream to your gym.

American Athletic: 800-247-3978

The Great Divider

Engineered to fit against the roof frame and conform to virtually any slope while providing maximum clearance for all sporting activities, this “mega” curtain utilizes dual synchronized winches with a low voltage controller. The Field House Slope Fold Curtain, SC-685XL, pictured here, measures 190 feet long, 42 feet high at the peak and raises to the ceiling in 75 seconds.

Jaypro Sports: 800-243-0533

Germ Fighters

airPHX® (air-fix) is the leading solution to killing mRSA, staph, E. coli, norovirus, mold and odors that cripple gym facilities. airPHX kills bacteria and other germs in the air and on surfaces, providing your athletes and members with the optimum workout experience. airPHX disinfects your space, protecting your athletes, members and staff from germs and odors. Energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free, airPHX can reduce cleaning costs and boost your bottom line.

airPHX Sports: 855-424-7749

Fabric Choice

As a leader in athletic fabrics since 1984, Value Vinyls Inc. features some of the most recognized brands in sports. Champion MVP 14 ounce, used for wall pads, among other applications, surpasses other comparable fabrics. This CPSIA-certified, kid-safe fabric combats mildew, fungus, bacteria and other microbes, while meeting all phthalate and lead requirements. Value Vinyls now offers 10 new colors, for a total of 28 popular stocked colors.

Value Vinyls Inc.: 800-406-8845