Fun for Little Ones

Water Odyssey’s Aqua Spouts™ themed water play features were created specifically for little ones. Perfect for any aquatic play setting, Aqua Spouts are designed to complete any theme. These durable, low-level spray features keep toddlers in mind with a variety of gentle water effects. There are more than 50 brightly themed, hand-detailed standard designs to choose from, including Nature, Ocean, Pirate, Transportation and Desert themes, as well as Custom designs. Ideal for aquatic facilities looking for an easy upgrade.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Cardio Floor HIIT

Octane Fitness is debuting the MT8000, an addition to the popular Max Trainer category. While the original Max Trainer® machine is ideal for HIIT in functional areas and small group training, the MT8000 is a premium choice for HIIT or steady-state workouts on the cardio floor. Simple to use for individuals of varying fitness levels, it provides total-body, low-impact routines and delivers virtually unlimited resistance via a fan and magnetic brake that responds quickly to exercisers’ efforts.

Octane Fitness: 800-726-9662

Shallow-Water Fountain

The Nu-Wave decorative floating fountain system is designed for applications where electrical power entering the water is prohibited or undesired. It can also run in shallow water conditions in as little as 9 inches of water depth. Water is pumped from the body of water through a centrifugal pump and then back to the fountain through a minimum 2-inch flexible hose. The Nu-Wave has no moving parts that can become fouled from debris.

Air-O-Lator: 800-821-3177

Stylish Seating

Wittek and Eagle One, P&W Golf Supply Companies, have released all new furniture lines and colors for the new year, all made from recycled plastic. The company now has an even more extensive line of tables, chairs, benches, bars and even deck boxes. Every piece is made in-house and available in the new color, Walnut, which has the look and feel of real wood, but is still made of recycled plastic.

Wittek Golf Supply: 800-869-1800

A Colorful Choice

Ecore redesigned the Ecore Athletic Performance Collection to include 20 new colors to the vulcanized composition rubber product line. Ecore Athletic Motivate, Rally, Beast and Monster now provide more enhanced color options for teams, facilities and colleges, while continuing to offer ideal training and performance solutions. The collection features 12 traditional colors that are less solid in appearance and are designed for high-abuse strength and conditioning areas. The eight premium, near-solid colors are designed for other areas within the training space.

Ecore Athletic: 866-795-2732

Make Your Own Chlorine

Specifying NEXGEN®ph on-site chlorine generators for new swimming pools or renovation projects can save initial space and construction costs, and provide sustainable savings by eliminating bulk chlorine and reducing water consumption and TDS. ChlorKing’s NEXGEN on-site chlorine generators’ patented technology uses pool water to automatically produce sufficient chlorine to sanitize pools. Combining NEXGEN with SENTRY UV systems reduces chloramines and inactive pathogens in pool water.

ChlorKing: 770-452-0952

Encourage Cleanup

The Original Poop Bags® offer a complete line of commercial dog bags and dog waste station dispenser kits under the Natural Pet Partners brand. They manufacture the roll and header bags, receptacle liners and accompanying dog waste station kits. The commercial bags have the EPI additive, making them oxo-biodegradable. Complete line is inventoried in the Atlanta warehouse, available for immediate shipments and discounts. Coming soon: new USDA Certified Biobased commercial dog bags. 844-476-6722