Wet Floors? Don’t Worry

Dri-Dek’s anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It’s perfect in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and barefoot walkways. Dri-Dek is made from anti-microbial oxy-B1™ vinyl to help control infectious bacteria, mold and mildew. Just snap the 12-by-12-inch interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width or shape. Now available in 12 colors: Blue, Pool Blue, Gray, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Black, Almond, Burgundy, Teal, Red, Yellow, and White.

Dri-Dek: 800-348-2398

Effective Cleaning

Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® System has proven to be the most effective way to clean locker rooms and restrooms quickly, effectively and safely. These machines kill odors as they remove germs and bacteria from surfaces and fixtures, often without the need for sanitizers and disinfectants. Plus, ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, says No-Touch Cleaning is three times faster than “manual” cleaning methods. Available in different sizes, there is the perfect-sized system for every locker room and restroom.

Kaivac Cleaning Systems: 513-887-4600

Reliable Locking

Reinvigorated with a slim design and RFID or Keypad operation, the all-new Sola3 takes what customers love about Sola and builds upon it to create the best-looking, most reliable cam-lock on the market.

Digilock: 800-989-0201

Eco-Friendly Hand Drying

Recreation facilities worldwide choose the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer for its reliability, sustainability and hygienic properties. It dries hands fast and provides a 95 percent savings vs. paper towels, and reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by up to 75 percent compared with traditional dryers and 100 percent recycled paper towels. With near limitless custom cover offerings, the best hand-drying solution can be designed for any environment.

Excel Dryer Inc.: 800-255-9235

Be Secure

Mechanical Combination Locker Locks offer superior security with flush-mount, ratcheting knob and 10,000 combinations. Management key override allows code discovery and reset. Two modes are available: standard one-user and unlimited users in locker mode. This amazing lock offers many electronic lock functions at a very competitive price.

FJM Security Products: 800-654-1786

Quick Dry

Built upon the pillars of quality, integrity and customer service, Extractor Corp., creator of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor, offers a solution that efficiently removes 95 percent of water from a wet swimsuit in just 8 seconds. SUITMATE serves as the gold standard of convenience for high-end spas, luxury hotels and health clubs, and offers fitness clubs, swim clubs, educational facilities and public pools a way to keep facilities cleaner, safer and drier.

Extractor Corporation: 800-553-3353

So Refreshing

Stay refreshed and invigorated with durable stainless steel outdoor showers from Outdoor Shower Company. Whether you need to cool down, rinse off before or after swimming, love showering outdoors, or want to remove sand or chlorine, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs and matches your indoor or outdoor décor. These showers are ideal for recreational areas, homes, resorts and any waterfront property. Built to last a lifetime.

Outdoor Shower Co. LLC: 866-746-9371

Lock It Up

Zephyr Lock offers a complete line of shared-use locks that can help improve efficiencies, create an upscale presentation and streamline the locker experience for your members. All Zephyr Lock shared-use products offer supervisory access for managerial staff, as well as a simple user interface for your members. With systems ranging from maintenance-free mechanical locks to highly programmable RFID electronic locks, Zephyr Lock manufactures products that fit every need and application for your locker room.

Zephyr Lock: 866-937-4971