Tougher TP

The AA-JRDx1 Stainless Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Holder withstands high use, abuse and vandalism. Featuring heavy-duty stainless-steel construction and a locking enclosure, this washroom accessory will cut down on costs from corrosion, thieves and vandals. Using 12-inch Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls, this unit features a high capacity for facilities that have heavy use.

Vandal Stop Products by Atlas American LLC: 530-894-7867

Close the Gate

Locinox is extending its product range to accommodate chain-link and round applications. The new Chain Link Adapter Brackets are available for the Mammoth (gates up to 330 pounds) and Tiger (gates up to 165 pounds) all-in-one hydraulic gate closer and hinges. With a heavy-duty exterior and patented hydraulic damping system on the interior, the Mammoth and Tiger have all the components to provide flawless functionality in any weather condition.

Locinox: 877-562-4669

Speak Up

The AmpliVox Mega Hailer is an easy-to-use-and-set-up portable PA system that reaches audiences of up to 5,000 alone or 9,000 when paired with an optional wireless companion speaker. It broadcasts highly intelligible speech up to half a mile. Operates either on AC power or rechargeable battery. A wireless microphone can be used up to 300 feet away from the unit. Connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or other device.

AmpliVox: 800-267-5486

Identification Solutions

ID Edge offers a wide range of identification products, including ID card printers, custom PVC cards and custom key fobs, which can all be used in recreation centers. Key fobs are a great choice for rec centers, pools, gym bags or key rings for ease of use and access. Options range from custom Teslin preprinted fobs all the way to RFID fobs for maximum security.

ID Edge: 800-798-3343

Deer Control

TRIDENT Max Strength Extruded Deer Fence is manufactured with a reinforced bottom, making it a top-tier solution to deer pressure for your land. The reinforced bottom increases the likelihood of deterring deer and other small critters from gaining access underneath the fence line. This virtually invisible plastic deer fence, with 1.75-by-2-inch mesh dimensions, has a 950-pound certified breaking strength and life span of 20-plus years.

Trident Enterprises: 866-920-0244

Access Control

Protect perimeters and deter traffic with beautiful precast concrete planters by Petersen Manufacturing. Public safety and protection from unwanted access to buildings has become an important part of our lives. Petersen Manufacturing can provide the strength and aesthetic values needed in precast barriers. Finish options include many colors, sandblasted and exposed aggregate textures. Custom designs welcome.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383

Keep Track

Eco-Counter’s latest innovation, the CITIX-3D, brings AI-powered solutions to bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle counting and detection. The CITIX-3D combines a 3-D sensor with an AI-powered algorithm to separately count and classify pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. The discreet, durable and weatherproof sensor can count 24/7 (including in complete darkness), rain or shine, on large streets up to 50 feet. No images are recorded by the counter, respecting personal privacy.

Eco-Counter: 514-849-9779