Play Highlight

Let IKO be the highlight of your playground. This investment involves no major planning, delivery is fast, and installation straightforward. All tension points are based around a central one-point tension system to ensure that no technical connecting elements or rope loops are in the play space. IKO is unbeatable in terms of play value—swinging, seesawing, climbing and rocking—that is fun, excitement and adventure combined.

Berliner: 877-837-3676

Rock On

The Orb™ Rocker brings a full spectrum of fun and development and offers everyone the opportunity to be part of the play. With four traditional seats and room for four more in the center, its thoughtful design offers caregivers and children ease of access with side openings that allow users of all sizes to enter and ride comfortably. Providing opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, the Orb Rocker helps children develop skills that transcend the playground.

BCI Burke: 800-266-1250

Zip Along

Offered in 10-foot increments from 40 feet to 100 feet long, the PipeLine® ZipSwing™ gives seated children the sensation of flying above the ground while encouraging development of physical skills such as balance, coordination and upper-arm strength and social skills through group play. Moving through the air on a suspended cable provides an exhilarating experience for youngsters 5 to 12 years of age.

Columbia Cascade Company: 800-547-1940

Climbing High

Landscape Structures took the most popular components of Netplex® and added new opportunities for height that everyone can enjoy. The center spiral belting with grippy texture provides an easy way for everyone to climb to the top of the Super Netplex for a whooshy ride down one or more slides. Everyone will enjoy the spectacular view from the towers, while those watching below have perfect sightlines to all the activity. Choose one of four preconfigured Super Netplex designs.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574

Round & Round

SportsPlay Equipment’s Wheelchair Accessible Merry-go-round enables children of all abilities to play together side-by-side. It sits flush with poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing, allowing wheelchairs to roll easily onto the 8-foot-diameter deck. Swing gates, handrails and the user’s wheelchair brakes provide a secure ride. It also features a governor for speed control. There’s room for 10 to 12 children, including two wheelchairs.

SportsPlay Equipment: 800-727-8180

Get Moving

In the first-ever shaded electronic playground game, the Daisy Dash™ is designed to get you moving. Play against the clock to touch each daisy sensor as it lights up. See how many lights you can touch before the 20-second clock runs out. Simply turn the rotator on the leaf panel to begin.

Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Good Looks, Great Play

Modern City® by GameTime makes a strong visual statement, attracts children and families, and encourages and empowers children to be physically, mentally and socially active. Architecturally inspired with square steel uprights that tower up to 16 feet, it looks at home in a city park or a suburban green space, and celebrates the best of traditional play structures while offering flexible options to enjoy playful movement.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Sky’s the Limit

Imaginative and exciting, Sky Towers evokes the thrilling sense of climbing through the sky and exploring natural phenomena like rain and thunder and gazing at the stars. Sky Towers provides fun and engaging play for children of all abilities, as well as an accessible path spiraling around the central tower, creating an inclusive play space with something for everyone. Experience Sky Towers and play in the sky!

Playworld: 800-233-8404