Kaleidoscope of Colors

Bring an SFX experience into your waterslide. If you are looking for an Australian company supplying an Australian product that is compliant to Australian standards with extensive warranty and backup service, look no further than Australian Waterslides & Leisure Pty Ltd. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, you can be confident in engaging AWL to design, supply and install all your water-slide and water play equipment.

AWL Australian Waterslides: 61-0266-536-555

Safety Standards

This summer after years of research, testing and careful evaluation, the Standard for Safety Surfacing in Interactive Water Play Areas has been added to the NSF/ANSI 50. Life Floor is proud to be the first aquatic safety surface in the world certified to this standard. Life Floor’s tiles meet six unique performance-based standards: slip resistance, impact absorption, chemical stability, UV stability, cleanability, and impermeability.

Life Floor: 612-567-2813

Great Play Value

Waterplay has released three new experience-driven products with the Water Weaver series, a unique product grouping featuring a simple design with remarkable play value, at an economical price point. The easy-to-install, low-maintenance features hit the market well-positioned to respond to the industry need for collaborative, multi-user play experiences. Created to stimulate the mind, Water Weavers inspire exploration and encourage spatial awareness and movement through interactivity and playful weaving water effects.

Waterplay Solutions Corp.: 800-590-5552

Boost Your Revenue

FlowRider® can increase the revenue-generating opportunities of your existing town pool or recreational facility. A proven hit among families and teens, this smartly designed, skill-based ride attracts all age groups and fits into a compact footprint for easy add-on. Generate revenue from participants and spectators alike through season passes, lessons, events, party rentals and more.

Aquatic Development Group: 518-783-0038

Keep It Up

From AquaPlay maintenance and refurbishment to spare parts and repairs, WhiteWater’s After Sales and Maintenance team is the best resource for everything you need to maintain your play structure. WhiteWater can help you with: play structure inspection; high-quality repainting; interactive elements replacement and repair; spare parts installation; play structure cleaning; theming and retrofitting existing structures; and net repairs.

Whitewater West: 604-273-1068

A Joyful Ride

Time Rider is the world’s largest bowl! This brand-new waterslide features a deeper sense of joy while traveling among mysteries of deep space—and also time. Offering more than four paths, it allows riders to experience different choices every time. Riders can easily extend their time on this extraordinary waterslide. Time Rider is a very big and fully themed waterslide. This new and special artifact is compatible with Polin’s special Glassy (fully transparent waterslide) and also offers various VR applications.

Polin Waterparks: 0090-262-656-64-67