Good Cut

The 6080A, 6500A and 6700 A PrecisionCut™ Reel Mowers leverage all of the mower technologies from the John Deere award-winning A Model family of mowers. These mowers are equipped with a powerful 24.7 HP diesel engine, three-wheel smooth tire configurations, and premium performance and comfort features. Additionally, these boast exceptional cut quality thanks to the standard LoadMatch™ feature, while the innovative eHydro transmission eliminates linkages between the pedals and the hydrostatic pump.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Aeration Solution

From the innovative wheels within the coring path to the large 48-inch aeration swath, there’s nothing ordinary about the ProCore® 648 aerator. The ProCore 648 has an operating weight of 1,590 pounds and features an aeration depth of up to 4 inches. The unit is equipped with a 23 HP Kohler® gasoline engine and can reach speeds up to 3.5 mph. The ProCore SR series models offer a variety of solutions to alleviate subsurface soil compaction on sports fields, parks and other areas.

The Toro Company: 800-803-8676

Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment with the high-speed and versatile FDS 9200 / 6000 / 4600 Turf Dethatcher. Its vibratory tines stimulate air, water and fertilizer to penetrate faster to the root zone while relieving surface compaction. Rugged enough for even the toughest southern grasses and performs exceptionally well on synthetic turf, restoring and standing upright fibers and distributing infill material. The FDS will increase the longevity of stadium turf. Reduces G-max rating and magnet attachment helps remove metal or sharp objects.

Wood Bay Turf Technologies: 800-661-4942

Multiple Choice

The Redexim Multi-Sport combination tool offers many features in one unit. The ability to spike, aerate, rake, roll and brush at varying depths is perfect for many different turf surfaces. Weight trays allow the machine to work in tougher conditions, while the rotating Adjustment Spindles make for exact adjustments. The storage stands make dismounting or mounting from the tractor very easy.

Redexim: 636-825-8300

Nice Spread

The Model 220 MultiSpread™ pull-type topdresser spreader replaces the Model 200, which was a popular and important part of the company’s product line for years. The Model 220 is a ground-drive unit that takes power from both of its two wheels, increasing the overall drive efficiency of the unit and reducing the chances of tire slippage. The 220 also incorporates many of the convenience features that have been appreciated by owners of the larger Model 320.

Earth & Turf Products LLC: 888-693-2638

Protect Your Synthetic Field

Synthetic turf fields are sensitive to compaction and contamination. Often these fields are only maintained with a brush to decompact the surface. Decompaction of the entire field can be achieved with the new STEC Equipment Aerator. The Aerator has spiked rollers that gently pry into the compacted infill, loosening and aerating the entire field. The STEC Equipment Aerator will not only produce a better playing surface, but provide a safer field with a longer life expectancy.

STEC Equipment: 888-325-2532

Take Command

The Field Commander® Pro can take any combination of 60-plus options, with its unique ability to paint lines, logos and end zones, and groom baseball fields, it is also used to remove paint from synthetic fields. The Field Commander has an ultra-pressure painting system that customers verify saves 40 to 50% in paint costs. The Field Commander provides flexibility and increased revenue streams for multipurpose venues. The Pro model can accommodate any of Kromer’s attachments now and any future additions.

Kromer Co. LLC: 800-373-0337

Maintain Your Fields

Heying Company manufactures a full line of quality equipment for infields, turf and off-field maintenance: infield groomers that repair and maintain infields; turf groomers for natural and artificial turf; off field maintenance equipment for driveways, parking lots, yards and more. Save time and labor with Heying’s easy-to-use equipment. Pull with a variety of towing machines.

Heying Company: 712-348-8847