Water That Wows

Fountain People’s FXPRO™ Flush-Mount LED underwater light is designed with niche-housing that is poured flush with the fountain floor or wall, making it ideal to renovate fountains and splash pads that have foot traffic. Made completely of 316L stainless steel, this LED lighting system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the new lighting provides an on-board DMX driver that is individually addressable with a DMX controller.

Fountain People: 512-393-5263

Loud & Clear

An easy-to-use-and-set-up, portable PA system for indoors or out, AmpliVox Mega Hailer reaches audiences of up to 5,000 alone or 9,000 when paired with an optional wireless companion speaker. Broadcasts highly intelligible speech up to a half mile; operates either on AC power or a rechargeable battery. A wireless microphone can be used up to 300 feet away from the unit. Connects via Bluetooth to smartphone or other device.

Amplivox Sound Systems LLC: 800-267-5486

Efficient Lighting

AEON LED Sports Luminaires are a rugged, powerful and efficient lighting option for sports lighting. Available with five delivered Lumen Packages in NEMA 2,3,4,5 and 6 Beam Spreads with glare-free illumination to suit a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Build a state-of-the-art lighting system from the ground up or retrofit your current lighting system for the new decade.

AEON Sports Lighting: 803-336-2330

Sound Off

The popular Fit 1010 all-in-one portable sound system features a rugged E-mic fitness headset microphone, built-in UHF wireless receiver, Bluetooth streaming music player, 150 watts powering a 10-inch woofer and 1-inch horn, retractable handle and wheels for easy mobility. Includes custom AV Now protective cover with large storage pockets for E-mic and accessories. The Fit1010-AQUA upgrade comes with a splash-resistant headset microphone for in-pool use. FCC 2020 compliant.

AV Now Fitness Sound: 800-491-6874

Enhance the Experience

The right lighting can enhance the experience of any setting. And for all of us, it’s about the experience. The best complement is when the eyes go big and the wow comes out. The LED Neon Flex from Day One Lighting does just that. From small playgrounds to massive waterslides, Day One Lighting can light it up.

Day One Lighting: 561-318-5424

On Schedule

For nearly 20 years, SkyLogix has manufactured a user-friendly web-based scheduling system with on-site key-less access and remote phone operations including overrides. Programming is via user web page hosted at or integrated with “Reservation” software to automate any field and court lighting and open/close gates or operate electric locks. Exclusive PIN use makes access easy and limits that access to owner-authorized users.

SkyLogix: 602-220-0313

The Right Lights

Musco has shaped the history of sports lighting since 1976, designing systems for everything from neighborhood fields to major stadiums and arenas to the Olympic Games. Musco’s TLC for LED® technology delivers a level of light quality, control and glare reduction that can’t be matched, backed by a long-term parts and labor warranty.

Musco Sports Lighting: 800-825-6030

Optimum Lighting

The new Ephesus LUMASPORT 8 luminaire combines interchangeable modular power, controls and easy-to-install mounting options to deliver the optimum lighting system solution for every unique indoor and outdoor sports lighting application with industry-leading reliability. Features include: hybrid LED optics; redundant dual power option; Chip on Board (CoB) LEDs; two-piece ease of assembly; and custom control options.

Ephesus Lighting: 800-573-3600