Endless Possibilities

Turn your waterfront into an exciting, revenue-generating attraction with a new Wibit SportsPark. Start small or go big—Wibit’s modular systems combine to fit your unique needs. This on-the-water playground offers thrills and challenges for every skill level. Guests will love testing their strength and endurance as they jump, slide, bounce and swing over the water. Generate excitement, boost attendance and increase revenue for your facility with a Wibit SportsPark.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Maximum Thrills

The RAVE Sports® Nautilus™ is a massive inflatable mountain with max thrill factor. Combining mountain climbing, cliff jumping and sliding all in one, the Nautilus will challenge 10 to 15 users at once. It features 37 climbing handles with a 10-foot inversion wall, adding an extra challenge, and a large upper deck where users cliff-jump or slide down a drop slide or two speed slides. The upper deck is also an ideal lifeguard station. The Nautilus has four anchor points and requires a water depth of 10 feet.

RAVE Sports: 800-659-0790

Revolutionize Paddling

Paddling is one of the fastest-growing recreational sports today. The most challenging part is getting in and out of the kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard. This has prevented a portion of paddlers from being able to enjoy the sport they love. Kay-aKcess dock/launch allows everyone access to the sport. Fear of falling is eliminated, and the optional ADA-compliant transfer platform enables participation for everyone.

Kay-aKcess: 941-662-5935

Make It Accessible

VIP Solutions is the sole manufacturer of the Aquatrek2 product line. The AQ-1000 Beach & Trail Wheelchair turns on the sand easily with its proprietary aluminum forks and brushings. No grease or oil is ever needed, and it has a simple design and weight distribution. The AQ-1000 requires less effort when turning on many terrains, including sand, and has a 350-pound weight capacity.

VIP Solutions: 800-726-8620


Kay Pedal Cruisers have outstanding construction for commercial or rental use. Fiberglass deck and pontoon shells, all self-draining, regreasable bearings, specially designed paddle wheel and rudder offer great operation, with little to no maintenance. Kay Park-Recreation: Making people places people-friendly since 1954.

Kay Park Recreation Company: 800-553-2476

Get Around

CORCL Boats are the fun way to get around. The multiple-award-winning, round CORCL boat’s accessible design lets kids 7 to 15 years old easily maneuver flat water with a kayak paddle. The WGWAG is a novel hands-free way to glide across the water by simply shifting weight in a standing position, for ages 10 through adult. Both boats are durable, easy to maintain and made in the USA.

Corcl: 855-932-6725

Clean Up

Shower Tower outdoor showers for beaches, parks, waterparks, pools and sand volleyball feature push-button, self-closing valves, non-corrosive, rust-proof tower, molded-in colors and are capable of serving multiple users at once with shower and/or footwashes. Handsome vandal-resistant design with easy surface-mount installation.

Shower Tower Inc.: 800-330-9073