Zap Pathogens

Dangerous germs like MRSA and Staph can lurk within your medical facility, playground, locker room or gym equipment. That’s why the MiniZapr® is so important. Available with a portable handheld wand, it provides effective control over harmful pathogens in easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions. The MiniZapr® disinfects all surfaces with powerful antimicrobial UVC light. Harmful microorganisms are eradicated through DNA destruction.

GreensGroomer: 888-298-8852

Keep Dogs Cool

The COOL DOG™ Splash Pool is the perfect solution to keep dogs cool and having fun this summer. It’s designed to provide a larger capacity of cooling experience with the pool being a generous 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 1 foot deep. The pool has built-in steps so you do not need to build a deck around the pool. It has a soft brown natural-looking exterior with a cool teal inner pool area. The COOL DOG™ Splash Pool is made with a marine-grade fiberglass shell and a textured gel-coat finish to prevent slipping.

Gyms for Dogs: 800-931-1562

Go Compact

Bobcat Company invented the compact equipment industry more than 60 years ago with the world’s first compact loader. Now the company is widening its product offering, enhancing its industry-leading equipment and providing innovative new designs and intelligent technologies to meet its customers changing needs. The new R-Series machines have been completely redesigned, inside and outside, to be the most powerful, durable loaders built by Bobcat.

Bobcat Company: 866-823-7898

Light It Up

AEON LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire delivers simple and easy-to-use full-spectrum color flood lighting solutions. Create dynamic scenes and bring excitement to your sports venue or facility. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the AEON LED RGBA/RGBW Luminaire is suitable for architectural, façade, wall washing, spotlighting and grazing. Build a state-of-the-art lighting system from the ground up or bring your current lighting system into the new decade.

AEON Sports Lighting: 803-336-2230

The Right Pump

Pentair’s new Max-E-ProXF® VS Commercial Pump features variable speed capability, along with digital controls and proprietary software that allow custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasks—filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, etc. The Max-E-ProXF VS has four programmable settings to any speed ranging from 300 to 3450 RPMs so users can program the exact flow they need, ensuring the lowest energy use possible. Plus, it further reduces energy costs by reducing flow rates during non-pool use hours while maintaining 24-hour-a-day filtration. Designed to run on either single or three-phase power and has a built-in drive eliminating the need for external drive.

Pentair : 800-831-7133

For High-Risk Applications

DEL Ozone Pro G-Class is the ideal choice for high-risk pool, spa and splash pad applications. G-Class Systems are NSF-50 certified for secondary disinfection and are the only ozone sanitizers with third-party validation per NSF requirements. The all-in-one design provides enhanced microbial performance, EPA-recognized as both an oxidizer and sanitizer. Unlike medium-pressure UV systems, there is no lag time between operational cycles.

CMP Commercial: 800-733-9060

Training Tool

The BigEasy® Trainer (170-TR) is an industry first by It is designed to help make peer-to-peer training for CPR and rescue breathing more realistic than ever. The BigEasy® Trainer allows a rescuer in training, working with a live simulated victim, to use a CPR mask to deliver real breaths to the victim safely during CPR/AR training, with mutual comfort. This gives the training rescuer the ability to practice exhaling into the mask without the “live” victim having to inhale the rescuer’s breaths.

Water Safety Products Inc.: 800-987-7238

The Perfect Seat

Interkal has launched the AURA stadium chair, offering a variety of sports and entertainment venues a unique combination of comfort and durability. The AURA stadium chair utilizes the proven design of a stanchion-to-stanchion cross shaft through the seat pan to provide strength and durability that can be counted on for many years to come. Powder-coated cast aluminum stanchions will not rust, ensuring that AURA stadium chairs will maintain their new look and feel.

Interkal LLC: 269-349-1521