The Perfect Complement

CXT® shade shelters are the perfect complement to CXT buildings. The all-steel shade shelter structures are designed to integrate with the buildings but can also be used as standalone structures. Advantages of the integrated design include matching roof pitch and roof texture, matching colors available, a comprehensive contract solution for agencies requiring bids, and delivered as a complete kit or fully installed. Electrical options such as lighting, outlets and ceiling fans are also available.

CXT Concrete Buildings: 800-696-5766

No Connection Required

Green Flush restrooms can go anywhere and provide users with the comforts of home. Every restroom has normal flush toilets and sinks. However, no utility connections are required, which makes installations simple and saves tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. If utility connections are available, the Green Flush system still allows for environmentally friendly fixtures as well as geothermal cooling.

Green Flush Restrooms: 360-718-7595

Scale Up the Experience

An upscale experience your workers and guests will appreciate, National Construction Rental’s Restroom Trailers are among the newest and cleanest in the industry. With floor-to-ceiling doors, frosted glass accent lighting, stainless-steel sink basins, vanity mirrors, climate control and more, your guests are sure to be impressed. Add an advanced polypropylene tank system, and these are both odor- and hassle-free.

National Construction Rentals: 800-352-5675

Inclusive Design

Inclusive parks provide an interactive experience for all with and without disabilities. They engage everyone by removing barriers and provide a positive atmosphere. This concept should carry into the design of the restroom, by providing single-occupancy rooms, adult changing stations, anti-microbial fixtures and sensor-activated faucets and LED lights. With these concepts in mind, the restroom facility and park can create a safe and inviting space.

Public Restroom Company: 888-888-2060

Easy Choice

Easi-Set Buildings has been installing a steady stream of beautiful 100% precast concrete restrooms this year. DeKalb County School District ordered a full set of buildings to outfit their newest ballfield. A plumbed Skyline model 12-by-22-foot multi-user restroom will compliment two dugouts and a secured storage building. Easi-Set offers a complete lineup of durable restrooms, standard or custom, dry-vault or plumbed, designed to your specifications and matched to your aesthetics and budget.

Easi-Set Buildings: 866-252-8210

Be Sustainable

The Enviro Loo steel and Styrofoam buildings are lightweight, very transportable and extremely strong (will sustain 200 mph winds). Ideal for remote locations, the Enviro Loo (Eloo) toilet system is passive solar, made of black polyethylene and requires no infrastructure. Totally containing the waste, this environmentally friendly system emits no odor. The complete package is easily installed and maintained. Very sustainable, economical and cost effective.

SWSLoo Inc.: 877-797-3566

Happy Campers

A campground’s bathhouse can completely shape a visitor’s experience. Conestoga Log Cabins knows how important it is to offer low-maintenance restroom facilities that fit all campers’ needs. Conestoga has several standard designs that include private showers. The most popular, the Twin Grove, features eight private rooms, each large enough for toilet, sink and shower. Like all of Conestoga’s bathhouses, it can be ADA-compliant. Conestoga Log Cabins can design any bathhouse that suits your property’s needs.

Conestoga Log Cabins: 800-914-4606

Antimicrobial & Hands-Free

In response to the recent COVID-19 event, CorWorth / Restroom Facilities Ltd. is now implementing new materials and components that have antimicrobial properties, as well as feature hands-free operation to help reduce the chance of contamination. New systems are also in place to ensure clients are providing restroom and concession facilities to their communities that are not only architecturally beautiful, but functionally safe as well.

CorWorth / Restroom Facilities Ltd.: 800-447-6570