Ready, Set, Swim!

Ramuc offers epoxy, acrylic, chlorinated and synthetic rubber pool coatings in darker, contrasting colors designed for painting competition racing lanes in pools. Available in Black, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Red and Yellow, these paints quickly provide vibrant, easy-to-see lanes in pools where swim meets or lap swimming takes place. Quickly renovate pools with these self-priming, VOC-compliant products. Free paint chip analysis available to determine the best coating to use.

Ramuc Specialty Pool Coatings: 800-745-6756

In Control

The improved IntelliChem® Commercial Water Chemistry Controller continuously monitors real-time values of pH, ORP, calculated parts per million (cPPM) and temperature while using a sophisticated dosing algorithm to deliver the chemicals needed to keep pool water clear, safe and ready to enjoy. Onboard data logging makes this product California Title 22 compliant, plus improved ScreenLogic®Interface iOS app allows tracking from any mobile device. Compatible with Commercial IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generators, liquid feed pumps and CO2 systems.

Pentair: 800-831-7133

Water Effects

Fountain People’s new ZEN-Series Zero Entry Fountain Nozzle for zero-entry fountains or beach-entry pools produces a cluster of solid streams that, when vertically aligned, create the effect of a column of water from a flush-mounted configuration. This flush jet can be placed in as little as 3 to 6 inches of water and produces an aerated bubbling effect at the beach entry of pools or on walk-in or shallow fountains.

Fountain People: 512-393-1155

Make a Splash

Polin announced its new Splash Course—a team-building activity that challenges personal development with high and low elements. As we know, the most efficient and permanent method of learning is with hands-on experience. Splash Courses are playground areas suitable for everyone of all ages where they experience excitement, adrenaline and a sense of achievement of the utmost level in a challenging environment. Splash Courses can be incorporated into a variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

Polin: 00-90-262-656-6467

Get Anchored

Introducing the SP58 anchor with 5,000-pound pull rating. Since 2009, Asphalt Anchors Corp (AAC) has been offering a cost-effective method to attach objects directly to asphalt. Instead of replacing sections of asphalt with concrete and then using concrete anchors to secure the fixtures, the BoltHold™ anchors are designed to be installed directly to asphalt for lasting attachment. The introduction of the SP58 anchor extends the product lineup to 4 models with pull ratings from 1,500 to 5,000 pounds.

Asphalt Anchors Corp.: 973-669-8214


Wooster Products introduces Barefoot 60, an anti-slip coating that provides high traction and durability for pool decks, waterparks, showers, spas, boats and marine surfaces, and more. A member of the Walk-A-Sured® Water Clear Epoxy System, this eco-friendly, two-component epoxy system meets OSHA and ADA standards, and AS™ slip-resistance requirements. It contains 100% solids, with no solvents or VOCs, ensuring compatibility with previously installed coatings. Water, solvent and chemical resistant Walk-A-Sured® Water Clear Barefoot 60 contains polymer grit which gives the coating long-lasting added traction.

Wooster Products: 800-321-4936

Add Some Color

The Air-O-Lator Corp. now offers color-changing lights for the company’s Legacy, Ready and Platinum Font N’Aire lines. These lights are operable via Bluetooth wireless mobile technology and allow customers to customize their light displays. The color-changing lights are 12-volt LED lamps and are operated and controlled through a free app. Customers will be able to purchase the light kits, order the Bluetooth option, and, once their fountain arrives, they can add the app to their phone for easy management.

Air-O-Lator: 800-821-3177

Wide-Area Disinfection

Finding methods for wide-area suppression of surface-borne microbes such as the novel coronavirus is a serious consideration for both private industry and public works. Atomized mist technology is currently being utilized for the safe and consistent distribution of Surface Disinfectant Cleaners (SDCs) over worksites, busy foot-traffic areas and communal spaces. At the forefront of this effort is the DustBoss® line of industrial misting cannons, a family of high-powered machines originally designed for large-area dust control.

BossTek: 309-693-8600