Play Value

Tot Builders encourage play between all playground visitors, while providing clean, open lines for easy supervision. Children will step into a world of their own creation with this collection of playhouses by Little Tikes Commercial. Tot Builders are packed with play value and surprise details that will keep children coming back to discover more.

Little Tikes Commercial: 800-325-8828

A Relaxing Exit

Slide-A-Side gives children the chance to take their time when leaving the slide. Whether they need assistance from a caretaker, a mobility device or just a moment to regroup, Slide-A-Side provides a relaxed exit while allowing other kids to continue sliding.

Playworld: 800-233-8404

Get Active

Get your community active! In the first-ever shaded electronic playground game, the Daisy Dash™ is designed to get you moving. Run from daisy to daisy to touch each sensor as it lights up to see how many you can touch before the 20-second clock runs out. What’s more, the Daisy Dash™ is user-powered, so a power source isn’t needed. Simply turn the rotator on the leaf panel to begin.

Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Play Together

Enabling children of all abilities to play together side-by-side, this product includes a governor for speed control. Featuring a weight capacity of 5,250 pounds maximum, and capacity of 10 to 12 children, including two wheelchairs. Offered in Red/Yellow, Green/Tan or Purple/White. Use of poured in place rubber surfacing or rubber safety tiles is required with this product.

SportsPlay Equipment Inc.: 800-727-8180