Go Modular

Spectrum Sports’ 4-by-4-foot Modular Climbing Panels are molded from real rock and reproduced in fiberglass. The resultant climbing panels are strong, light, ultra-durable and natural-looking. Adjacent panels share topographical features to eliminate the repeating block look. Panels are finished in a matte-texture faux-granite look. Bolt-on handholds ensure that facilities have the ability to route-set or replace grips over time as needed.

Spectrum Sports International: 888-563-0163

Easy Climbing

Replacing partnered belays and traditional climbing ropes, Perfect Descent auto belays automatically take up slack as the climber ascends a route and provide a smooth and controlled descent when the climber reaches the top or takes a fall. Using Perfect Descent in your gym or on your climbing wall saves money, requires less direct staff support, reduces barriers to the sport, offers climbers more independence, and supports a range of comprehensive training and fitness programs.

Perfect Descent Climbing Systems: 828-264-0751

Challenge Accepted

The modern alternative to the traditional spliced lobster claws, the EZ Adjust Y Lanyard is ideal for traditional ropes courses, challenge courses and static belay systems used to operating with the old-style claws. This upgraded lobster claw is designed with ANSI-rated components and includes game-changing sewn rope terminations. Super-grippy rope and sliding hitches allow users to easily adjust the claws’ length to limit fall potential and provide varying levels of tension on challenge elements.

Aerial Adventure Technologies LLC: 828-264-0751

Round & Round

Brewer Fitness introduces the Treadwall FT Series. Featuring 20 new models with multiple sizes and angle ranges, these are the ultimate training tools for climbers. The Max6/12 model is specifically designed for climbing-focused use with the largest climbing surface and a -35 to +10 degrees angle range that is easily adjusted by users. The natural wood wall surface and elegant frames complement any gym and are simple to keep clean and safe.

Brewer Fitness : 800-707-9616

Start Climbing

Nicros introduces its newest low-cost climbing wall system, Nicrolite™, with a thin, yet durable, textured polymer coating, utilizing Nicros patent #7,572,207. Climbers love the feel, route setters love its versatility, and wall owners will love its value. Nicros has designed and built premium climbing walls for almost 30 years. They have built more than 2 million square feet of climbing walls in gyms, fitness facilities, schools, recreation centers and private residences in many locations.

Nicros: 800-699-1975