Safe Under Foot

Surface America features a complete line of rubber playground surfacing systems. The PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place system excels in safety and durability. It is the most-used playground surface and comes with the industry’s longest warranty of seven or 10 years, depending on the urethane binder used. PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place is a two-layer system with a shock-absorbing basemat and colorful top surface that has unlimited design possibilities. It’s easily customizable to meet the safety, design and aesthetic requirements of any playground.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Mixed & Matched

Tired of mixing multicolored P.I.P. rubber? Recbase® Poured Rubber is the industry’s only pre-mixed EPDM rubber. Offered in a variety of color combinations, Recbase® Poured Rubber is manufactured and installed to offer superior fall safety protection. The systems offer a 20% reduction of AS™ fall requirements, thereby decreasing injuries and increasing functional longevity. Easier installation, superior safety and a premium warranty make Recbase® Poured Rubber the obvious choice for your next project.

Zeager Brothers Inc.: 800-346-8524

In Tune

SoundMax® Piano Towers bring the surfacing alive with a functioning major musical scale playground surface using eight keys. Kids learn the keys while having fun, and it’s great exercise too. Key notes make a realistic piano sound. Visually identical to the original SoundMax® Tower, the SoundMax® Piano Tower works using eight white keys of piano key graphics built into the playground surfacing. For appearances, black keys are also formed into the surface, but only the white keys make piano notes.

PlayMax Surfacing Inc.: 951-356-6600

Consistently Safe

The DuraPlay Surfacing System is a durable, low-maintenance safety surface that ensures consistent fall protection for playgrounds. This seamless, slip-resistant and impact-absorbing surface is poured onsite by experienced technicians. It comes in a variety of colors that can be used alone or combined to produce unlimited designs, adding play value to playgrounds coast to coast.

DuraPlay: 512-847-2473

Plenty of Options

Everguard Surfacing Inc. has been at the forefront of developing rubber safety surfacing for more than 30 years. Everguard provides playground safety surfacing in any size, shape or color. The materials are environmentally friendly, good for indoors and outdoors. Everguard’s poured-in-place safety surfaces are resilient, yet tough enough to withstand the most demanding playground enthusiast. Safety, convenience, style and fun—just the way leisure was meant to be.

Everguard Surfacing Inc.: 516-848-7773

Accessible & Low-Maintenance

Rubber surfaces are the most accessible and low-maintenance protective surfaces available. Sport Surface Specialties suggests routine preventive top coats to preserve against weather and heavy traffic. The specially formulated urethane binders penetrate the wear course of the pad to strengthen the bond of the granules. The coating provides UV protection from sun damage and helps prevent holes, cracks and granulation on the surface.

Sport Surface Specialties: 716-652-2039

Safer Playgrounds

As a playground and recreational surfacing systems provider, SpectraTurf is committed to leading the industry in safety, appearance, durability and versatility. SpectraPour playground surfacing is its flagship poured-in-place system. SpectraTurf has installed millions of square feet of its rubberized safety surfacing at schools, parks, hospitality, fitness facilities, military bases and other places where safety surfacing is needed. Rely on SpectraTurf to advance fun play and healthy recreation for every age and all abilities.

SpectraTurf: 800-875-5788

Safe & Accessible

Interlocking Rubber Tiles by Rubber Designs are designed for playground and recreational use. The tiles are equipped with a built-in alignment foot and a patented locking mechanism for a more precise and secure installation. Interlocking tiles range in thickness to meet critical fall heights up to 10 feet. A full line of accessible ramps and edges are available, along with a wide variety of color options.

Rubber Designs: 877-978-2237