Colorful Accessibility

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables can be more than just “functional.” They can be colorful, attractive and durable. Pilot Rock ADA-compliant tables offer 18 designs with material and color choices for thousands of combinations. Pick the features that fit your facility’s theme. The Model SQTB3-4 includes three contour seats with the top extended on one side for compliant wheelchair access. The perforated steel top and seats are thermoplastic-coated in your choice of 10 colors.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Agility Test

The DOGIPARK® Three Hoop Jump has assorted hoop heights to test even the most agile pets, while the surface boasts a thermoplastic layer that resists peeling, cracking and fading, providing all pets outdoor dog play equipment with unparalleled quality. The entire structure is 80 inches long and 42 inches high, with openings that are 24 inches in diameter. Allows for different agility levels based on hoop height. Made in the USA.

Dogipot: 800-364-7681

Keep Things Clean

Maytronics’ Dolphin C6 robotic two-pump commercial swimming pool cleaner makes maintaining your aquatic facility a breeze. Just plug in, press power and the Dolphin C6 is off and running, filtering 9,000 gph with 4, 6 or 8 cleaning cycles and using CleverClean™ smart navigation to ensure complete coverage. When cleaning is finished, simply remove filter bag and rinse. Includes remote control, zero-entry sensor, four PVC brushes and 131-foot cable with patented Dolphin swivel technology that eliminates tangling.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Keep Clean, Prevent Slips

The SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor is an innovative system that efficiently removes 95% of water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds. The SUITMATE® unit is the gold standard of convenience for aquatic facilities, including high-end spas, luxury hotels, swim clubs and commercial pools. SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractors help keep facilities cleaner, reduce slip hazards and improve patron satisfaction. SUITMATE® units are manufactured in the USA and installed in more than 75 countries.

SUITMATE by Extractor Corp.: 800-553-3353

Tough Swing

Featuring the uniquely new and patented A1400 Kevlar Commercial Swing. This swing is designed for high-usage and vandalism areas. American Swing offers a five-year unconditional guarantee with this swing. Kevlar is the same material used in body armor, and is highly resistant to cuts and tears. Should the seat become worn or vandalized, no sharp edges will become exposed. The A1400 Kevlar Commercial Swing is extremely durable and ready to handle any situation.

American Swing Products Inc.: 800-433-2573

Aim High

Rooted in the need for protection from wild animals, tree houses have a remarkable history. Fortunately, long gone are the days of danger on the ground, but the need for imaginative play has never been greater. As a fun lookout, the Trii offers a variety of ascent and descent components. Hovering on curved posts, individual Triis can be easily connected via bridges or tunnels to form tree house settlements.

Berliner: 877-837-3676

Level Up

Take your property to the next level. The Royal® Designer Towel Station provides a stylish bronze and brown shelved unit to offer fresh towels while incorporating a functional collection cart that will please your staff and maintain process efficiencies. The Return Cart is included with the Designer Towel Station and features a basketweave printed pattern, non-marking casters and full cover.

Royal Basket: 800-426-6447

Sanitize & Protect

RECRESOL™ antimicrobial solutions provide safe, non-toxic and long-lasting protection to help keep recreation spaces safe and people healthy. Using EPA-registered technologies, the solutions bind to surfaces, forming a durable antimicrobial shield against harmful microorganisms. Proven to last up to 60 days, RECRESOL will save time and money by reducing the need for frequent cleaning. RECRESOL’s proprietary formulas were developed by PLAYTEC™, first provider of antimicrobial products for the recreation industry.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442