Stand Out

Dog-On-It-Parks can help you make your park pop with custom colors and branding. Choose from the widest selection of customizable agility components and site furnishings available including fire hydrants, signage and custom plaques for water fountains. Whether you want continuity and a cohesive look throughout your park system or are interested in offsetting the cost of improvements by selling sponsorship opportunities, Dog-On-It-Parks makes it easy and cost-effective to turn your park into a community destination.

Dog-On-It-Parks: 877-348-3647

Go Eco-Friendly

Make the switch to compostable pet waste bags, a quick change for a big impact on the world. These compostable bags are certified by OK Compost, including in California. They come in headers and rolls at manufacturing-direct pricing, which includes free shipping. USDA Biobased and recycled options are also available.

The Original Poop Bags: 844-476-6722

Step Up

The DOGIPOT DOGIStepping Bones come with RUFFCOAT™, making it urine- and slip-resistant and easy for pets to get plenty of exercise. Supported with a solid base of powder-coated steel, steps have a perforated bone pattern with plenty of room for climbing to their hearts’ content.

Dogipot: 800-364-7681

Clean Pups

Dog Wash Systems’ flagship model, the ADA-813 Modular Building is made to order, factory-direct in the USA. Dog Washes are all ADA-compliant, easy to install and leave a small footprint. Connect water, electricity and drain, and you’re off. Expelling only gray water, these dog washes are eco-friendly and attractive. Customize your unit to your liking.

Dog Wash Systems: 800-537-8231


Dog Waste Depot’s commercial-grade, rust-free aluminum Dog Waste Station includes everything: sign, post, bag dispenser, trash can with lid, 400 bags, 25 can liners, hardware and instructions. Since 1986, Dog Waste Depot has been the largest supplier of commercial dog waste solutions.

Dog Waste Depot: 800-678-1612

Keep Dogs Cool

The COOL DOG™ Splash Pool is the perfect solution to keep dogs cool and having fun this summer. It’s designed to provide a larger capacity of cooling experience with the pool being a generous 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 1 foot deep. The pool has built-in steps so you do not need to build a deck around the pool. It has a soft brown, natural-looking exterior with a cool teal inner pool area. The COOL DOG™ Splash Pool is made with a marine-grade fiberglass shell and a textured gel-coat finish to prevent slipping.

Gyms for Dogs: 800-931-1562

Make Sanitizing Easy

Help exhibit best practices and good hygiene by incorporating BarkPark’s Pet Waste Station with Hand Sanitizer Enclosure in your dog park. This exclusive Pet Waste Station features a locked box to house a standard 28-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer (not included) and 200 pet waste bags, as well as an attached trash receptacle with punched doggie paw details and playful signage. Help fight against the spread of germs today.

BarkPark by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Ruff & Tough

Miracle Recreation Dog Park products are made of the highest-quality materials, so they’re durable enough to stand up to ruff and tough play. The products provide opportunities for exercise, training, teamwork, fun and learning new skills. They promote socialization for dogs and people, and encourage an active lifestyle for both. Miracle Recreation’s Dog Park products cater to any size dog, and all skill levels can enjoy them.

Miracle Recreation: 888-458-2752