Get Competitive

S.R.Smith has enhanced its commercial product line with an all-new backstroke starting system for both competition and training, as well as updating its XL Capacity Lane Line Reel. S.R.Smith’s FINA compliant Backstroke Start System is designed to be added to virtually any starting block, with three mounting options. The XL Capacity Lane Line reel has been a favorite on pool decks since it was introduced in 2012, and has recently been updated to include HDPE side guards.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387

A Fresh Coat

Ramuc’s Ultra PRO 2000 offers a chlorinated rubber coating that is competitively priced and is an excellent choice for recoating previously painted chlorinated rubber surfaces or unpainted surfaces. This self-priming two-coat system provides a flat finish and is available in four colors: aqua, dawn blue and white, as well as black for accents and racing lanes. PRO 2000 can also be used with Skid-Tex additive to achieve a non-slip surface.

Ramuc Specialty Coatings: 800-745-6756

Connected Cardio

Technogym introduced its new Excite line, a range of fully connected cardio equipment equipped with the ultimate user interface Technogym Live, offering people a new fully personalized training experience tailored to their goals and needs. Combined with innovative design, the Excite Line combines fun, performance and results that meet the needs of all users. Excite was conceived around four pillars: tailored training variety, connectivity, space savvy and sustainability.

Technogym: 800-804-0952

Maximum Membrane Adhesion

MAPEI recently introduced MAPEI HM Primer, a ready-to-use, low-VOC, water-based, quick-drying primer. Designed to be used with MAPEI’s peel-and-stick sheet membranes, MAPEI HM Primer promotes maximum adhesion to high-moisture substrates. MAPEI HM Primer is low in odor and can be applied with a roller or brush. Designed for interior or exterior applications, the primer can be applied to substrate in ambient temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

MAPEI: 800-426-2734

All-in-One Turf

Elite Turf announced it has partnered with Act Global to bring its all-in-one innovative POWER System™ to the U.S. market. Previously only available in Europe, the Elite Turf POWER system combines Act Global’s triple-fiber woven Xtreme Turf and a non-rubber infill developed to create a first-of-its-kind product that is completely recyclable while enhancing safety, playability and durability. Elite Turf’s POWER System is durable, 100% recyclable, and is made of interlocked fibers and a safer and healthier infill.

Elite Turf Powered by Act Global: 512-733-5300

Don’t Touch

Preventing outbreaks was at the root of HOSPECO’s development of the complete no-touch restroom. Included in this revolutionary no-touch personal care assortment are Evogen® EV3 No-Touch Menstrual Care Dual Vendor (EVNT3), Evogen® EV4 Mini No-Touch Menstrual Care Dual Vendor (EVNT4), Evogen® No-Touch Combination Receptacle (EVNT-CWR), and Evogen® No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (EVNT1-W). Together, they represent a giant leap forward in the health, safety and experience of patrons.

HOSPECO: 800-321-9832

A Handy Snack

Concession equipment and supplies leader, Gold Medal Products Co., has officially launched its retail-ready pre-packaged gourmet popcorn line. Gold Medal’s most popular signature gourmet popcorn recipes are now available to retailers, concession stands and other venues in a variety of flavors and sizes. This news comes as many stores and venues are now opting to serve more prepackaged food items. The integrity of Gold Medal’s Gourmet Popcorn line is linked to its unique, thorough process and state-of-the-art production equipment.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862

Long-Term Color

Splash Armor is an ultra-high-performance hybrid polyurethane coating for pool, splash pad and lazy river applications where long-term color and UV stability is necessary to prevent yearly or bi-annual recoating. This new technology system lasts two to three times longer than conventional epoxy systems.

Creative Polymers Inc.: 314-791-0168