Sanitize & Protect

RECRESOL™ antimicrobial solutions provide safe, non-toxic and long-lasting protection to help keep recreation spaces safe and people healthy. Using EPA-registered technologies, the solutions bind to surfaces, forming a durable, antimicrobial shield against harmful microorganisms. Proven to last up to 60 days, Recresol will save time and money by reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Recresol’s proprietary formulas were developed by Playtec™, first provider of antimicrobial products for the recreation industry.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Access Control

Protect perimeters and deter traffic with beautiful precast concrete planters by Petersen Manufacturing. Public safety and protection from unwanted access to buildings has become an important part of our lives. Petersen Manufacturing can provide the strength and aesthetic values needed in precast barriers. Finish options include many colors, sandblasted and exposed aggregate textures. Custom designs welcome.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383

Custom Crowd Control

As new social distancing regulations continue to be implemented and revised, net crowd control barriers and fencing are an ideal way to help direct the flow of visitors throughout your site without feeling obtrusive. InCord provides high-quality, attractive fencing, barriers and decorative rope and netting elements that elevate the appearance and improve efficiency of traffic flow to your facility.

Incord/NetPlay USA: 860-537-1414

Authorized Access Only

These heavy-duty 6-inch-wide collapsible bollards are a popular deterrent for stopping unauthorized vehicles from gaining access to biking/walking trails, service roads, driveway entrances and parking lots. The innovative open-back design allows for the steel to be 100% coated and effectively inhibits rust by preventing any moisture from lingering.

Belson Outdoors LLC: 800-323-5664

Protect the Public

National Construction Rentals’ pedestrian barricades are a practical solution in today’s world, where physical distancing, crowd control and traffic enforcement is needed most. Manufactured from heavy-duty welded steel, multiple units can be joined together to form a secure barrier on sidewalks, parking lots, interior walkways and more. Barricades are a must-have for parks, beaches, public areas and anywhere where there are large gatherings.

National Construction Rentals: 800-352-5675

Outside of Ordinary

Pannier is a leading manufacturer of outdoor signs, panels, exhibit bases and frames, used in a full range of applications. Pannier blends superior digital graphics quality with a unique embedment process to create exhibit graphics that are unsurpassed in durability. Whether the project requires a framed or frameless application, or custom shapes and thicknesses, Pannier delivers consistent quality. Pannier is a family-owned business located in Gibsonia, Pa., where all fabrication is completed under one roof.

Pannier Graphics: 724-265-4900

Keep Count

The Eco-DISPLAY Compact is Eco-Counter’s smallest, lightest bike and pedestrian count display ever. The Compact displays daily and annual bike and pedestrian counts, in addition to custom text such as weather updates, event information and safety alerts. Lightweight, versatile and impactful, the Compact is ideal for temporary events or permanent installations. With its eye-catching, fully customizable front and rear panels, the Compact is the best way to let park and trail users know they count.

Eco-Counter: 514-849-9779