Empowered Play

Discover AquaSmart™ Packages by saving energy, water and space. These packages by Aquatix® are powered by HydroLogix™, which eliminates the need for costly electrical installation and operates with just a push of a button. This low-flow, low-water option greatly reduces water consumption while still providing plenty of opportunities for splashtastic play. Choose from three ready-to-install splash pad packages.

Aquatix: 877-632-0503

Customized Play

Water Odyssey has expanded its customization capabilities, allowing facilities to create unique themed designs to match the spirit of any facility. From slides and water feature spraying to unique stainless-steel features, Water Odyssey can now create splash play features that look like animals, sports equipment, plants and trees, virtually anything imaginable to make unique splash pads that reflect the personality of any community, park or sports and recreation facility.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Splash & Slide

Australian Waterslides and Leisure provides safe, well-designed Australian Standard compliant, fun water play equipment and Kids Interactive Play Structures (KIPS) to upgrade waterparks and recreation centers alike in Australia and overseas. KIPS is of all stainless-steel and fiberglass construction, withstands even the harshest of environments and is made from high-quality Australian stainless steel. Designed for 3-to-10-year-olds, KIPS caters to children safely and completely. Also providing for even younger patrons with a variety of splash pad equipment on a zero-depth pad.

AWL Australian Waterslides: 61-0266-536-555

Water Interaction

The new Astra offers three unique Splashpad® experiences, each with its own fun. Astra Nş1 and Nş3 provide a halo of water that rains down from above for kids to run through. Nş3 also features a Twirltec™ ball so children can rotate the water stream to create a beautiful spiral pattern. With three spilling Seeflow™ buckets, Astra Nş2 encourages social interaction. Many kids can play at once, and anticipation builds as the children see the buckets fill up before they spill.

Vortex Aquatic Structures: 877-586-7839

A Fresh New Look

Splash Armor is an ultra-high-performance hybrid polyurethane coating for pool, splash pad and lazy river applications where long-term color and UV stability is necessary to prevent repeated yearly or biannual recoating. This new technology system lasts two to three times longer than conventional epoxy systems.

Creative Polymers Inc.: 314-791-0168

Affordable Protection

Pentair’s NSF-approved BioShield® UV commercial systems improve water and air quality while reducing chemical usage—lowering operational costs and providing an affordable solution for aquatic facilities, schools, parks and rec, Ys, athletic clubs and HMAC pools. The BioShield® UV system neutralizes bacteria and pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia. The system’s low-pressure UV lamp offers up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation, reducing chlorine usage by up to 50% while eliminating chloramines to improve air and water quality.

Pentair: 800-831-7133

Just Like New

Ramuc’s EP epoxy pool coating provides unsurpassed protection to previously painted epoxy or unpainted surfaces, making it an ideal choice when renovating pool slides and splash play equipment. This coating provides a high-gloss, tile-like finish that is both abrasion- and chemical-resistant. The EP Epoxy is a two-coat system that renders rough surfaces “smooth” and looking like new. This product is self-priming so pools will be ready fast and look terrific.

Ramuc: 800-745-6756

Provide Access

The patent-pending High-Rise child seat adapter will keep a child’s head above water at 36 inches when entering a pool. The High-Rise adapts to almost any chair to provide children 3 to 10 years of age a safe and secure seat. The High-Rise has rotating shoulder supports that adapt to the size of the child. Folds flat for easy storage.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620