Ninja Training

Already have Elite Kids Gym Equipment in your preschool area? Want to add more benefit to the equipment and your pocket? Do some rearranging and add new Elite Kids Ninja Accessories to develop Lil Ninjas! Ninja-like obstacle courses provide just the right degree of physical challenge, problem solving, exploration, socialization and fun. With a slightly smaller unit and easier attachments, your preschool ninja will be able to build confidence while conquering your EKN unit. They learn, move and build confidence.

American Athletic Inc.: 800-247-3978

Spectators’ Delight

National Recreation Systems is a trusted leader in angle frame bleacher design and manufacturing. Supported by more than 25 years of experience and an expanding dealer network, NRS continually provides customers with the latest innovative designs and highest quality aluminum seating. Contact NRS for angle frame designs to meet any seating capacity or space. NRS also provide code-compliant renovation services for existing spectator bleachers.

National Recreation Systems: 888-568-9064

Gym Upgrades

Ready to upgrade your gym? Bison’s Protector and Firewall indoor padding systems protect players with a wide variety of foams, fabrics, backing substrates and mounting methods and can be customized with professional full-color graphics. Call Bison or request a quote online. Most orders are shipping within two to four weeks after design approval.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Take It Inside

Transition your outdoor football games to indoor play with Gared Ceiling-Hung Retractable Football Goalposts. These innovative goalposts electrically lift up to the ceiling, allowing your space to be used for other sports or activities. The 30-foot-tall aluminum uprights provide maximum kick area and the 18.5-foot-wide crossbar meets the specifications for collegiate play. Paired with Gared barrier netting to stop errant footballs, these retractable goals are a smart choice for multi-sport and practice facilities.

Gared: 800-325-2682

First-Class Seating

With more than seven decades of experience, the experts at Southern Bleacher understand the myriad unique challenges posed by sporting venues. Southern Bleacher’s dedication to excellence will result in first-class stadiums, grandstands and bleachers for your budget. Fans in every U.S. state and Canada cheer from Southern Bleacher grandstands. From a standard angle frame bleacher to a permanent grandstand, Southern Bleacher can provide your fans a venue they will be proud of.

Southern Bleacher Company: 800-433-0912

Fold It Up

The S.A.T. 110 Folding Bleacher uses “Spring Assist Technology” to provide the safest operating, least “cost per seat” portable event bleacher. Its remote “push button, electric actuator” eliminates costly high load hydraulics. The S.A.T. 110 seats 108 spectators, but due to its lightweight construction, it is easily towable with a half-ton pickup. Once on location, it can be made ready to use in less than 5 minutes. For more information on this and other S.A.T (indoor and outdoor) folding bleachers contact Pro-Bound Sports.

Pro-Bound Sports LLC: 800-525-8580

Engage Your Fanbase

Enhance the fan experience at your event with Eversan’s LED Scorers Table. The live-full-color LED table will engage your fanbase with vibrant graphics and heart-pounding live action. Now more than ever, high schools, colleges and universities are turning to video screens just like the professionals. Eversan’s control software will organize your images, animations and selected content in a way that will make gameday production a breeze. Let the table do the work for you.

Eversan Inc.: 800-383-6060

Divide & Conquer

InCord Custom Safety Netting Solutions are experts at designing and building sports barriers and enclosures. InCord gym and field divider nets can increase facility versatility and keep activities from interfering with each other. Divider nets are custom-configured and can be built for new systems or existing structures and spaces. InCord has a wide range of netting options to match your activities and maximize protection above the field or court. Crafted in the USA.

Incord Ltd.: 860-531-1049